Fiber optic cable

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Fiber optic cable is now firmly entrenched in our lives and in great demand in various fields of human life.

The essence of the fiber optics

Optical fiber is a yarn made ​​of transparent material such as glass or plastic, which is used to move the light inside. A data transmission technology based on that information is not transmitted via an electrical signal , and using the signal light . The main element is a transparent glass through which light travels great distances . The composition of the fiber optic cable similar to a coaxial electric cable, but here the central conductor is not copper wire , and thin glass fibers, which is a special insulated shell of transparent material which does not allow light to go beyond the glass .

Types of Fiber Optic Cable

There are two types of fiber ,

Multi-mode . It has the trajectory of light beams and scatter the waveform at the reception point a little distorted. To transfer data in this case, use a plain, laser , LED. It is this kind of cable is widely used at present , as it features a cheaper cost and durability.

Single-mode . All rays in such a way to extend the cable and reach the receiver simultaneously, and the waveform is almost no distortion . In a similar cable using laser data , allowing single-mode cable has a higher performance than multimode cable and signal loss in this case, there are very slight . This type of cable , despite the superior performance, while not common , due to its high cost and short life .

Advantages of optical fiber

In fiber-optic cable excellent noise immunity , which benefits from its features are widely used wired systems. Possibility of transmission of sensitive data cover all existing transmission systems . No electromagnetic interference are unable to change the light signal , and the optical fiber signal produces no electromagnetic radiation. The data transfer speed fiber optic cable with incomparable speed electric systems. Optical fiber is different in that it does not react to moisture and climatic conditions . Distance , which is covered by a light signal has many thousands of kilometers.

Disadvantages of fiber optic cable

The cost of installation and operation of the optical fiber is not available to all because of its high cost . Fiber optic cables have a different sensitivity to external factors , such as shock and ultrasound. To neutralize these effects apply sound-absorbing shell. Fiber optic cable is not extremely strong , as is the place to be with an electric cable.

Optical fiber is not very flexible – the permissible value of the fold should look up to a maximum of 20 cm Features fiber and sensitivity to ionizing radiation , which reduces its transparency and cause signal attenuation . Optical fiber and sensitive to sudden changes in temperature , from which the glass can be damaged.

The use of fiber optics

Most optical fibers are used for transmitting data in telecommunication networks and fiber -optic communications , as they apply , as intercontinental line , and the home network . This is due to the ultra -privileged, exceptional speed and the ability to carry the signal over long distances .

Optical fibers are also used for lighting, for example as the LEDs in the medical institutions or in the manufacture where it is necessary to deliver hard-to- light portion . Fiber optic lighting is used in advertisements . Moreover, similar illumination has been used in the design as a decorative illumination .

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