Repair of washing machines

Repair of washing machines

There are many occasions when our washer begins to give us certain problems, many of them are “common” in this type of appliances. As well, no longer required that you call the technician for a repair yourself you could do in a matter of minutes, saving you lots of money and headaches.

That we can or not to fix a washing machine will depend on all of the problem that this same submitted. And in fact, some tools would not come us nothing bad to not have problems with the service.

But before moving on to the good you want to give a number of recommendations that you have to take into account before you start with the manual repair. To begin with, the first thing you need to check is if your washing machine is completely disconnected from the power, if not so let’s unplug it so not to cause an accident. And another tip is that if you don’t have much experience you don’t start to disassemble the washer parts, this be counter-productive. Better first make sure what is the problem that has your washing machine and only removed the part that requires maintenance.

Then you are talking about some common problems and their causes and solutions. We hope you will be useful, are not all the problems that exist but if the most frequently occurring.

Solutions for a dishwasher that does not charge well water:

Fix washing machine

Before that anything must check if there is any blockage or something that is ruining the water inlet hose, or whether the filter is clogged or contains too much dirt.

Another possible cause could be that the current that is does not have enough power. A washing machine operates at 220V.

Repair of washing machines
Failure of the controller to activate the electro valve, turn to several points to see if the active. We can check failure the valve checking if current to the solenoid valve, which is connected to the water inlet rubber. If power is detected, is the programmer fault. If yes you receive, the fault will be in the solenoid valve and therefore we must change it.

The washer does not charge enough water or load more.

This regulates a pressure switch at the top of the washer and is connected by a thin paste at the bottom of the drum. This device comes with the settings from factory so it is not advisable to replace them. If it is necessary, because the washer load little water or much spilling by the detergent drawer, we can regulate it using screws carrying. When regulated, add a bead of caulk so that no loose screws. If it doesn’t work, change it.

What happens if the program of my washer stops?

Either there is an excess of SOAP that prevents to vary the air pressure or the pressure switch is bad. It is worth mentioning that the pressure switch is one of the parts that are most commonly changed in washing machines. So there could be your problem.

Problems and solutions when the washer doesn’t turns to boot.

Is the door well closed? Not has the rubber clamp that secures the door come off? Try to find any reason that causes the door not open well.
Another possible cause may be that the belt pulley is damaged so it can prevent the motor to rotate. If this is your problem you have to change the motor capacitor with one that is of the same capacity.

Not be released the dirty water.

For starters remove the drain plug to check if it is not obstructed any object in the blades of the Circulator. Another important point is revisarel drain motor (located in lower part of the dishwasher). To find out if it works correctly we apply the current directly. If your operation is not correct, it goes without saying that we have to change.

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