most popular components of landscape design

most popular components of landscape design In the category garden designs and layouts Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about most popular components of landscape design.

Methods landscaping area and the most popular components of landscape design . Landscaping area consists of a series of procedures to establish lawns, flower beds and green walls , vertical decorative compositions , as well as planting fruit trees and shrubs.

Each landscape design has different prices , depending on the complexity of the composition , the desired design of the site and the type of landscape architecture itself .

stones tract in Oriental style adorns the garden landscape


By landscaping architects use a variety of techniques , tools and design components . The most popular are those design decisions : rolling and seeding lawns, perennials and shrubs, berry bushes , fruit and ornamental trees, vertical gardening , flower beds and flower beds , planting large trees and landscaping roofs.

Hard to imagine a garden in which , for example, no fruit trees , because it is this living area is a component basis for all garden structures , creates a special atmosphere and the integrity of the device . Trees form a favorable microclimate in the garden, are a natural filter dust and foreign loud sounds , protect from the hot summer sun in the shadow of its foliage.

Using trees at gardening area you can comfortably spend time in the garden, as they carry positive energy , help relieve fatigue, get rid of stress , gain strength .

Often accompanied by the construction of monolithic houses landscaping land while it is often planted  – adult large trees whose crown is well formed. The only thing the architects agree about large trees – these trees will allow for only a couple of months to create a valuable fruit or ornamental garden . Tree to adapt to the new landing place , it should be reported during winter dormancy plants. This will also reduce the risk of early death of the plant .

most popular components of landscape design

Useful properties of decorative shrubs not make them less popular . They can hide defects outbuildings or even at home . Shrubs protect area from prying eyes , eliminate dust and noise. In terms of aesthetics , they give the garden an additional volume and splendor .

Due to the universal nature of the structure and functioning of shrubs steel component design for all seasons : spring – lush blooms in the summer – bright juicy fruit in autumn – unmatched palette of bright colors foliage. Shrubs also durable and unpretentious.

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