Good windows healthy atmosphere at home and at work

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Good windows healthy atmosphere at home and at work – When it comes to health , it captures the spirit of all . All at once recall the headaches , infections of different etiology , nervous breakdowns . Yes, that few people think about the fact that health is linked not only with our inner sense , but also with the environment around us . And if you take care of a healthy atmosphere around you, it is possible for a long time to forget about the uncomfortable feelings associated with our body .

House – it’s not just a ” nest “, ” lounge “, ” sleeping palace .” House – a shell , which runs 30-50% of our lives , and therefore the home area should be as cozy and clean , what would our health index did not fall down . And for this you need to watch what would factors such as humidity, temperature , fresh air and health – should be the first priority when planning housing. Humidity, temperature and fresh air, for the most part depend on the state of your windows. And that’s it exprof company set a goal of not just give comfort to your home , apartment. The company prefers the health of your family and makes possible everything in your house had windows that help to preserve all the factors that are so important to the human condition.

Besides, we’re talking about windows not only at home but also in offices, shopping centers, factories and so on. If the boss wants that his staff would be less sick, and productivity exalted advance that you need to invest money in the world of work . Agree that it is more comfortable and work in an office where frost is not whistling in from the windows , and in rainy weather is not flooded floors. Employees feel comfortable , can easily afford to dress and not feel laden clothing. Believe me, very uncomfortable typing office reports gloves. If you are a leader who wants that workers would gladly obeyed the orders of man , which, as they see cares about them , you will do everything to not only retain health worker , but your office .

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