Plasma TV or HDTV?

Plasma TV or HDTV?

Plasma TV or HDTV? – When it comes to choosing between Plasma TV and HDTV , you should be guided not only the appearance of each type of TV models to understand the differences between them. Plasma screen or HDTV? These two different types of TVs use different technology for almost the same as the video output .

Plasma TV technology is based on the ” burning ” of fluorescent gas. Imaging plasma TV consists of tiny cells in a variety of cells ( pixels ) . In this type of TV uses electrically charged gas neon- xenon, which at a certain electric charge displays various images in the plasma. A green, red and blue phosphors in turn displays the image on the TV screen , which you can already see . Each group of red, green, and blue phosphors – called a pixel. Plasma screen or HDTV? plasma flat panel tv reviews videosecu lcd plasma flat panel tv ceiling mount bracket.

The invention of plasma TVs has made it possible to get rid of the use of traditional cathode- ray tube . The advantage of plasma TVs is the large screen size , better contrast and deep black color, improved color reproduction and saturation of the image .

In addition to plasma televisions display 16.77 million colors , which provides a highly realistic image. Another advantage of these TVs is plasma or HDTV? thin and slim design and light weight . Compact and lightweight these models allows them to move with ease and have a reach of conventional TVs . Currently, prices for plasma display panels have fallen quite significantly , making them a great choice for buying . How to hide a flat screen TV or plasma TV reviews.

Plasma TV or HDTV?

HDTV TV – is the next step for digital television. HDTV stands for high definition television . HDTV TV offer very high image using about two million pixels for constructing images . Because of this you will get a clearer and more realistic picture than any other TV. HD TVs provide plasma or HDTV? broader picture as well as provide an excellent digital sound quality ( thanks to technology Dolby). Such qualities favorably distinguish HD models from competitors , since besides the superior picture , the user can enjoy the great sound that will play movies and music , digitized using technology Dolby. How to install the TV in the kitchen.

HDTV has a bandwidth of the signal up to six times more than any other television technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies in excellent quality (Blu-Ray quality or digitized using MKV codec ) .

Using HD video , users can watch multiple channels on a single screen , plasma or HDTV? Using the advanced functions Teletext and , thus, enjoy a clearer and more realistic picture without “smearing” and smoothing . When choosing an HD TV note refresh rate of the screen. Usually it starts with 100 hertz, but I recommend you choose a TV with a frequency of 400 Hz and above. Comparing , for example , in-store TV with a frequency of 100 hertz and 600 hertz or 800 , you can immediately see the difference in quality and realism . Also much higher frequency reduces eye fatigue . How to repair the TV yourself.

Recently, prices on HD TV are gradually declining , which puts them in the same price range with LCDs. However, the choice is only for you , it is you have to decide which of these two digital television technology do you prefer .