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nuances of mortgage – Cohabitation relatives often begins to cause family disputes , conflicts and , as a consequence , the deterioration of family relations . If it is a young family , it is particularly important that they get to develop their relations independent housing . Resettled from relatives , who often meddle in relationships newlyweds help mortgage lending system .

If a young family does not have available a large sum to purchase private housing, a mortgage can be a possible solution . Such a loan is different maximum term duration (up to 30 years) , although it does require a certain percentage of surcharges , which is indicated in the contract with the bank.

Obtain a mortgage as follows: collecting necessary documents , submit a request to the bank. It will be considered a period of 3 days from the date of filing. Employees of the bank will examine your income and assess your level of solvency . In most cases , applications are accepted .

Should not be afraid of temporary loss of ability to pay. Such issues are addressed individually , and if the objective impossibility of payment , you will be granted an extension . Mortgage loan also provides insurance in case of major unforeseen situations that will cover the unrealized benefits. If payment does not happen without a good reason , you have withdrawn apartment .

When the opportunity to repay the loan ahead of time , you can do it at the end of 3 months after signing the contract . It does not provide any additional payments other than those specified in the contract.

Of course , you can save the required amount over the years , but this is problematic. A large amount of stock is always pushing to rash spending.

The need for regular payments and the inability to return to their waste greatly facilitates this process . In addition , processing a mortgage, you get your accommodation now and not through many painful years of close living with annoying and scandalous relatives under one roof.

When getting a mortgage, you just have to find a suitable housing option and become its owner. Of course, it is your responsibility and self- improvement , and repair of apartments, this, too, do not forget .

When you have your loved one nest and near , all the problems are not as significant. Now you can send your hand at building relationships , establishing a joint family life already together .

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