Baths and saunas for a country house

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Baths and saunas for a country house

Among the owners of country houses can often be found some who decided to establish on the plot of land in addition to the main residential buildings and even the bath or sauna . Typically, such additional finishing facilities are used natural materials such as wall paneling . how to build a sauna in your basement.

Since the interior of such structures subjected to constant moisture or humidity and temperature in their construction increased requirements . Sauna in the basement – how to make it properly.

Wood used for decoration or supporting structures pair must be resistant to excessive humidity and temperature and do not give off tarry substances. A suitable material for this purpose will be linden wood , cedar , aspen or alder. Build A Sauna Stove Special sauna stove.

Since ancient times the fame enjoyed a special bath of lime, also known as the “royal bath ” . The very walls of the pair made, usually from pine or spruce , and trim a room made ​​of linden wood . Currently, lime finish bathing facilities has not lost its prevalence. infrared sauna How much is a good infrared sauna.

Such fame earned through good retention lime heat and lack of deformation and cracking. In addition , it is believed that the linden wood produces compounds that are beneficial to the body. Sometimes bunk pitch from special wood with low thermal conductivity, such as the African tree abashi . Differences between infrared sauna cabin and classic sauna.

In addition to lime some homeowners are building in their area baths , finished with wood frames , special luxury is the use of cedar wood . This wood is resistant to rot and exudes a kind of pleasant fragrance that is believed to be a very beneficial effect on the body. infrared sauna – Infrared cabin or classic sauna which is better.

Baths and saunas for a country house

However, the cedar saunas has one drawback – their interior may cause some allergies. In addition, they cost a bit more expensive than other baths. Because of this, the data type of wood is sometimes combined with each other. how to build a sauna in your home.

In urban settings, the oven for baths usually are powered by electricity. As for the stove suburban baths are most commonly used furnace , heated with wood . It should, however , be mindful of respecting fire precautions during use .

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