How To Paint Walls And Ceilings

How To Paint Walls And Ceilings

How to paint the ceiling? Many people think that to paint the ceiling – it’s easy, but in practice often have problems. Ceiling surface is heterogeneous because of the appearance of stains that occur due to inexperience and ignorance of simple rules staining.

First we need to clear the ceiling of the old layer of whitewash. You can do this with sandpaper, but not too rough. The main thing that ceiling was smooth after grinding. Then you primed ceiling – paint after priming consumption will be less. After the primer layer is dry, you can start painting.

It is important that the staining was good lighting. Best quality coloring can be achieved by using a roller with a long nap. Paint should be homogeneous composition. You must dilute it with water in the amount shown on the bank (usually around 5-10%). Latex paint, you can simply mix well. Next roller in the paint, but it can not be completely submerged. Need to paint dressed in roller. For this purpose it is rolled out on a piece of particle board or tray, but not on the ceiling! Then evenly apply paint to the entire surface of the ceiling. Keep in mind that after each layer must wait until the roof is dry. Better to check the part, the entire surface painted over sometime. Usually two layers is enough.

How To Paint Walls And Ceilings

Professional painters will start by painting the ceilings first, then the walls and finish up with the trim. You’ll want to make sure you’re protecting

Reasons spots are often incorrect or poor lighting, thick paint, uneven ceiling surface, low-quality primer and so on. Etc..

If the stain is still there, you should put a little putty after drying paint. Once the putty has dried, apply to this place the same color.
If you use these tips significantly reduces the risk of deficient work.

How to paint ceiling video

How To Paint Wood Paneling — How To Paint A Wood Or Timber Panel Ceiling. This video shows how to paint a timber or wood ceiling, the same process can be used for painting wood paneling on walls.