Most intelligent dog breeds

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Different breeds of dogs are not only the origin and appearance, but also the intellectual level. That’s just how this determine the level of intelligence? Can I make the most intelligent breed of dog? What breed of dog is the smartest?

In General, measured intelligence of dogs is not a simple task, because the caudate did not force pet test. What are the criteria on which you want to start with. The criteria for the first time singled out Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). In his book the intelligence of dogs, “published in 1994, the year he outlined his theory about the differences in behavior, intelligence and training between different breeds of dogs.

Most intelligent dog breeds

He identified two main criteria to determine the intelligence of dogs-understanding the new command and response team for the first time. Thus, intelligent breed of dogs to understand a new command for the minimum number of reps and perform commands on the first try, in the vast majority of cases. Interviewing canine, Stanley Coren was top dog breeds.

Dr. Coren ranked 80 positions, separated into the six conventional groups (the same position may span multiple breeds of dogs, for example, the sixteenth place in rating divided longhair shorthair collies, Collie and German Spitz). List the categories of dog intelligence:

1-10 place-the most intelligent dogs (dogs with excellent capacity for training and implementation teams, the Brightest Dogs);
11-26-place dogs with excellent capacity for training (Excellent Working Dogs);
27-39 place dogs with disabilities training above the average (Above Average Working Dogs);
40-54 dog bed — with average capacity for training and implementation teams (Average Working/Obedience competition Intelligence);
55-69 place is dog’s abilities to training and running commands below average (Fair Working/Obedience competition Intelligence);
70-80 place-dogs with the lowest degree of perceptual learning (Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience competition Intelligence).
The most intelligent breed of dog, Coren said, need to understand a new command less than five repetitions, and execute the command for the first time in 95% of cases, and above. These breeds are the Australian cattle dog (Australian heeler), Rottweiler, continental toy Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), Doberman, Golden Retriever , poodle, German Shepherd and Border Collie.

Breeds are listed in ascending order, from 10th place to first. It turns out that the Border Collie’s ranking in the first place, so you could say that it’s the smartest dog breed.

However, the theory of Stanley Coren has serious shortcomings, which recognizes the author himself. It uses two criteria connected with obedience and performance teams that are more sought after in certain groups of breeds of dogs, for example, offices and workers. And the hunting dogs, for example, are also understanding and creativity-the ability to look at situations and make their own decisions. Therefore, a hunting breed can be lower ranking service, but this does not mean that it is below the level of intelligence is just the breed sought after by other qualities that are not reflected in the rating.

The breed may be lower in the ranking if it is stubborn or independent nature, but that does not mean that representatives of this breed of low intelligence: their training can be difficult because of the nature of, and not because the dogs of this breed as “stupid”.

Thus, the Division into more and less intelligent breed of dog is rather arbitrary. If patiently deal with raising a dog from an early age, training can yield superior results. Conversely, if neglected training dogs, you will not save even that breed is intelligent: pet can grow uncontrollable. Breed characteristics are very important, but equally important is education.

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