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And finally, split systems. Typically, when people say “air conditioner,” they are referring to these climate systems. Structurally, split systems are divided into internal and external blocks, connected by a route of copper tubes and control cable. The indoor unit is installed inside the room, the external unit, containing a noisy compressor and a bulky heat exchanger, is displayed outside the building. All wall-mounted split systems are equipped with convenient remote controls, have a range of cooling /heating power from 1.5 to 8 kW, they can be installed in the most convenient places in your room. It is wall air conditioners that have the largest range of models, which gives you a huge opportunity to choose. Such systems will be the best choice for your home, small office or shop. air conditioning window unit.

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portable air conditioning units

The advantages of wall-mounted air conditioners are obvious:

Inside the room there is only a small and silent indoor unit. The noisy compressor is located inside the outdoor unit, which is hung outside the building.

The widest range of air conditioners by brands and power.
The elegant design of the indoor unit fits into the interior.

Disadvantages of wall-mounted air conditioners:

Split systems require a complex installation of air conditioning. Installation of the split system is carried out by qualified specialists.
Power limits.

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