laminate flooring installation over linoleum

laminate flooring installation over linoleum

Today, there are a wide variety of construction and finishing materials . As for the flooring , then it is used linoleum , parquet, laminate, carpet , or simple wooden planks . They differ from each other and the material of manufacture and the structure and color gamut. What , for example, different laminate and linoleum ? Let us examine this issue in more detail.

Laminate flooring is a board that has been specially treated , that is, it has a certain base and the surface layer . The base is designed to provide the necessary rigidity of the laminated fabric so that it is not deformed during its operation . In some cases, the lower part of the board is attached also a special noise insulation layer for improving the properties of the surfacing material . As for the surface of the laminate , it is coated with a thin layer of paper with a different pattern, and then treated with special resins to give a laminated canvas high degree of protection against abrasion and premature aging. Furthermore , mounting of one board to another is carried out by means of special locks , instead of using various glues and other connecting structures .

Tap and Go Laminate Flooring Installation

Linoleum produced from pine resin and linseed oil with wood chips . Linoleum mass is heated to a certain temperature, and then cooled while it is attached to form a sheet. Furthermore , linoleum may be made of synthetic materials such as PVC and other polymer compounds . As regards the structure , the tile can have from one to six layers, which affects its thickness , and hence the wear resistance. We linoleum material can be special fiber base , thus increasing its thickness and conceal uneven floor. Mounting the web to the surface by means of special adhesive or similar bonding material composition .

Comparing the finishing materials such as floor tile and laminate can be said that they are to some extent different from each other. Thus, the laminate board is treated with lower and upper side while the linoleum can be single homogeneous mass either represent several similar layers. Furthermore, attached to the linoleum floor surface with a special adhesive , whereas individual parts of the laminate are bonded through available to them certain interlocks .

difference between the laminate and linoleum is the following:

Laminate flooring is a wood base covered with special materials on the top and bottom, and linoleum – is a single-layer or multi-layer homogeneous material ;
The laminate is not bent , while linoleum can be bent to the proper installation ;
Linoleum glued to the floor surface and laminate going as a designer with special locking devices connection parts laminated fabric.

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