Installing a lock on the door: flat and round devices

Most often, the inter-room doors are equipped with locks, which are most suitable for use in such conditions. These include flat and round mechanisms, which differ from each other the shape of the body.

Flat inter-room locking devices are expensive. Their independent installation is accompanied by certain difficulties due to the design. However, such devices have one serious advantage: they provide a high degree of protection against infiltration by outsiders.

It is worth noting one important feature of flat mechanisms: their installation weakens the door and the box. Before you cut the lock into the wooden door, you need to establish its compatibility with the canvas. Experts recommend installing flat products in cash doors. Paintings made from MDF are not suitable for the installation of full-fledged flat mechanisms. They usually cut in shortened versions of devices.

Useful information! When installing a flat mechanism in the door, made of MDF, it is necessary to take into account that the thickness of the tongues should not be more than 15 mm. Its width should not exceed 24 mm.

Round locking mechanisms are the best option for installation at home. Therefore, they are most often found in the inter-room doors. You do not need to have special skills to install a lock in a wooden door. The main advantage of such devices is compatibility with canvases of any type. Most often for such mechanisms use two variants of pens: phalium and knbs. The second type of products is considered to be the most suitable. Knobs are recommended for installation at home, as they are reliable and convenient.

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