How to use cutters ?

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How to use cutters ? – There are two types Tile Saw : electrical and mechanical . To understand what exactly you need to start pay attention to the material you want to work , study and verify the quality of the tile workload .

How to Choose Tile

Human mechanical Tile has a composition range , by means of which incision will be accurate and a cutting element of diamond or titanium . Very popular cutters in the form of forceps , which is very convenient to use . Handheld Tile suitable for material no thicker than 15 mm. When buying Tile Saw make sure that there is the presence of a circular cutter .

When purchasing a mechanical Tile check as holder slides along the guide elements. Tile best is one that is equipped with bearings.

Electric Tile – it’s machine- tool . It can be used for the tiles , the thickness of which exceeds 80 mm. This is a professional tool designed for frequent high-volume work . Buy Electric Tile note such important parameters :

Cut length of about 500 mm.
The depth of the notch in the range of 30-40 mm.
Power tool from 500 W to 2 kW .
Cutter diameter 180-200 mm.

Handmade Tile – how to use?

Before you start working oil the guide frame and wheel . Make sure that the wheel is not loose and is securely fastened . After wear wheel must be replaced .

On the tile you want to cut , apply a markup. Place the tiles on the Tile so that coincided with the wheel markings. Hold one hand tile , another grasp the handle with a wheel . Exerting little effort , start moving the stick back . To cut was accurate and qualitative need in one go wheel .

Now you need to split the tile used for this special tongs . If the material is not split immediately , hit on it . After the split tiles , sharp edges grind sandpaper .

Electric Tile – terms of use

After applying Electric tile , tile edge remain smooth and slightly rounded . Electrical appliance is designed not only for ceramic tile , but also for porcelain and stone , but do not use an electric Tile for stone tile with a carbide grit . The fact is that because of crumbs , diamond blades can be easily damaged , so use a manual tile .

In operation, the tiles on the platform moves under the knife Tile Saw . Of special container on the knife is the water supply , to reduce dust in the air to prevent the tiles from damage and less wear on the disc. The water in the tank should be changed frequently to crumb material collection and the harmed Tile Saw Blade .

Remember when cutting tiles, it should be well fixed to avoid vibration. Promote tile with both hands to make the most precise cut . In any cutting debris may occur so be sure to protect your eyes glasses.

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