Frequent faults laptops

Frequent faults laptops

Frequent faults laptops

Replacing the matrix on a laptop :

Screen matrix – an integral part of any modern laptop , dual cavity with liquid crystals inside. The matrix is considered to be its most fragile part . Repair of the matrix itself in its physical damage is not done. But problems such as faulty voltage converter loop or backlight can be overcome by means of repair. Used today in modern laptops LCD, and , unfortunately, poorly resist shock, vibration and pressure , they are vulnerable and easily fail. If you can not fix it, then the choice is made for the replacement of the matrix of the physical size and connection sockets on the motherboard .

If liquid gets into the notebook :

Very unpleasant consequences can have moisture from entering the unit. If the liquid gets on board, keyboard , connectors, under voltage , active process starts corroding metal parts (corrosion ) . Corrosion eats away resistors , capacitors, ICs feet , the tracks on the circuit board , causing crashes in the notebook , sometimes not recoverable . It is therefore worth careful with drinks and food while working on a laptop. If you still have filled notebook water, cola , tea or coffee, immediately disconnect it from the charger and carefully remove the battery. Even if you turn off the laptop, but it will be the battery goes irreversible oxidation of contacts and then the chances of success will be less. Many people try to dry the keyboard household hairdryer. Be careful , as a rule , as a result of melted buttons and fasteners, which are no longer to recover !

Often after a spill liquid on the laptop it continues to function normally , it would seem to work . Practice shows that in a month or two because of corrosion contacts are destroyed , and the keyboard (and sometimes the motherboard ) fail. After the water away from the laptop we suggest you contact a service just to make sure that the liquid does not ” made ​​it ” to the motherboard, and if necessary, to clean the motherboard and keyboard. It is much cheaper than repair the laptop in a serious condition . Corrosion of the board and the legs of chips – the worst thing for a laptop. Keep in mind that this process is faster in an enclosed space laptop.

Frequent faults laptops

The very first action that is performed after the ingress of moisture into the laptop – it’s disassembly and cleaning of rust , but the assurance that the equipment will return to its former state , no longer. It is also recommended to perform a complete diagnosis to assess what damage has been done notebook : because if the liquid gets on the motherboard ( it is located under the keyboard ) , there may be serious consequences .

Replacement laptop keyboard :

Most modern laptops use membrane keyboard . The main cause of malfunction in the keyboard – any ingress of liquids ( water, alcohol , tea) , resulting in a short circuit or corrosion of the conductive tracks deposited on the film. Often drenched keyboard can be repaired by repairing damaged tracks conductive adhesive . But, as a rule, replacing a laptop keyboard. The keyboard has to pick up on several parameters : size, shape, connector and cable . You can replace and individual keys on the keyboard , but there are nuances – they have several options for mounting . The keys are selected for a specific model of laptop keyboard with the donor .

Cleaning the notebook from dust and dirt :

In operation, the laptop is very similar to a vacuum cleaner of the air streams. The air surrounding the laptop and containing dust inclusions, sucked through the ventilation and other openings in the notebook and densely deposited within it. This forms a layer of dust dirt, sometimes reaching up to 3-5 mm, which deteriorates the heat transfer , slows down the work of moving parts, and can also cause undesirable electrical connections. The notebook is very noisy during operation, overheats, can spontaneously shut down , and most worryingly – short may occur , since the dust – an excellent conductor current. Therefore, preventive cleaning laptop every six months is required . Our service carries out maintenance work on cleaning laptops  from dirt and dust using special equipment.