Installation air conditioning and repair

Installation of air conditioning and repair of a new apartment or other premises “from scratch” requires that its proponents have provided many moments. For example, you need to consider in advance whether the indoor air conditioning installed, and if so, where. Also need to consult with experts and see if there is a technical possibility to install HVAC equipment in the selected location.

Installation of indoor unit

Any air conditioner is composed of two or more blocks, one of which is external and the others (one or more) – internal. Air conditioners require a very careful choice of places to install them. On this depends the distribution of chilled or hot climate technology of indoor air. If you set the air conditioner is too low, the air flow may fall on the people, and they are guaranteed constant colds. Besides, with this arrangement, the indoor unit on the uniform distribution of cooled air throughout the area of ​​the premises is not worth dreaming. Most likely, the temperature regime is similar to the multi-layer “cake”, where the bottom is cold, up – warmer. That is the cold and hot air will layers. To avoid this, it makes sense to install indoor unit from the ceiling – then convection is optimal.

Mounting the unit

When selecting a location for the indoor unit should immediately determine the order, which will be located outside. Usually it is hung or on the balcony, organizing a system output of condensate and exhaust air, or else take out into the street (which is often). Conditioners Ryazan and other cities of our country offer mainly to the installation, which included the services purchased. That is, buying air conditioning in the company that manufactures HVAC equipment, the buyer can automatically count on the free installation of the hands of experienced craftsmen. I should say that the outer and inner blocks should be placed between a minimum distance – otherwise have a lot of work to link them by a system of pipes and cables. Of course, today air conditioners are installed and at large distances, but in this case the wiring alone communications costs in a round sum. And yet the material development of the walls, etc.

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