Configure the landscape of soft wood

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Configure the landscape of soft wood, Composition of coniferous plants always make a positive impression. It is a year-round delight the eye and looks impressive, both in winter and summer. Most conifers do not require irrigation, soil, area lighting, but need some rules to follow.

Conifer soil need grass. Better to plant small plants in the spring, with a depth of cultivation less than 0.8 m distance between plants of at least 0.8 m, it is best if it is 1.5 m. During the first two seasons of the land application of fertilizers, in summer without rain-watering.

Do these simple rules, you can create the fantasy show on the site of an unusual configuration and a variety of softwoods used in landscape only helps create gardens of rock, classic rock, clipped hedges, planting ground and much more.

One type of stable and trouble-free, or will the Crown of each defect is immediately clear. Since the landing to find the sound development of the exchange of fire and uniform growth of branches from the ground, adjust the growth as needed. The Crown must not interfere with the walls of nearby buildings and other objects.

In Group plantings should be configuration. In the various stages required to remove additional plants or branches, or can lead to deterioration of the density and shrinkage of the trees.

To create a song with a crooked stop the soil must be prepared carefully. To do this, remove the topsoil and mulch and addressed. Among conifers, while they are small and can be grown as herbaceous perennial plants.

When the plants should be chosen keeping in mind the privacy, in an attempt to create a harmonious blend without a lot of diversity. A very effective way to find the song “soloist with choir” which differ in shape and color factory complement smaller and less colorful.

Configure the landscape of soft wood

Needles many ornamental species of colorful and diverse forms of yellow, green, blue, cyan, gray, emerald green, variegated, flora-crawler, crawler, conical, spherical, and even cry. If plants with dense foliage (arborvitae, yew, spruce) using trim may be of any shape.

Near the pine trees you can plant the Juniper, ferns, Daphne.
Complete picture can create a variety of water sources: waterfalls, ponds and streams that decorate any landscape.

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