do it yourself How to install hidden door closer

The closer will never allow your door stand hanging open. And you don’t have to check whether the front door slammed shut behind you. Closers are hidden and hydraulic. We’ll show you how to install hidden door closer to the door.

On the side of the door with the hinges of the door location with a pencil mark.

Measure the length of the cylinder door closer. Make the drill the appropriate tag to not drill deeper than necessary. Drill the nest.

Insert the cylinder into the socket to the mounting plate snuggled at the surface of the door. To frame the plate with a pencil.

Remove the cylinder. Measure the thickness of a plate and make it drilled in the door, plate to drown in the tree.

Replace the bulb in the socket. Edge of the plate with a pencil and slowly close the door so that the imprint on the side door.

Attach the cylinder to print and frame it for clarity of outline.

As with the previous one, measure the thickness of a plate and make it drilled in the door, to drown in the tree. The Middle make a little deeper for tabs on the plate.

Screw the plate to the cylinder to the door. Then pull outer plate from the inside. When will seem a small section of chain, put on a retainer, fixing it in the extracted position.

Now screw the outer plate is drilled on the side of the opening.

Remove the clamp and check the door closers.

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