plaster ceiling for painting

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plaster ceiling for painting – Before starting plaster ceiling for painting , you need to prepare the surface , remove the old paint from the ceiling, primed . If the ceiling surface is uneven, it is better to align the ceiling plaster. For putty , we need tools and putty itself .

Putty for concrete ceilings for painting the first layer is better to do with reinforcing mesh , the solution made ​​of two kinds of fillers – finishing and starting about 1:1 , such a mixture is better lies on the ceiling , and large depressions has properties of plaster , that is not retracts when dry . Using reinforcing mesh protects ceiling from cracking , and better aligned ceiling.

When the first layer , about 2-3 hours , we clean spatula irregularities , and we put the finishing putty , and thin layer several times in a circle, without waiting for drying of the previous layer.

Spatula to press the need to ceiling high angle, in this way will be a thin layer of putty and smoother .

After drying putty, depending on the room temperature 1 – 2 days , proceed to sanding ceiling. To do this, use a grater , sandpaper or a grid with 150 grit -180 , and portability with the bulb in order to see better all the bumps and scratches . When putty ceiling painted grout – the most difficult , dirty and demanding piece of work with poor execution result will affect all quality work.

plaster ceiling for painting

As you can see , plaster ceiling painted difficult , but it is doable at apartment repair work with their hands , then move on to priming and painting ceilings.

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