What is an induction cooker

What is an induction cooker

What is an induction cooker and whether it is harmful

Electromagnetic induction as a phenomenon was discovered in 1831 by Englishman Michael Faraday. Today, it has become an integral part of the opening of transformers and electric motors. Effect of induction is used as a metal in the melting of metals.

The first induction cooker appeared in 1987 , but then did not find wide use . However, it was beneficial to use in the restaurant business. She gave a small power consumption.

Plate, which remains almost cold , but it heats food, easy to clean and seemed to touch the phone reacts to the presence of her dishes … Fiction ? No – the reality . And called it a miracle – Induction cooker.

Physical phenomenon , which is based on the principle of its work was already described by Michael Faraday in 1831 and became known as electromagnetic induction. And even though it has long been used in industry, our kitchens to the “new” technology came not so long ago.

The essence is that the induction coil plate located under attractive glass surface is a ” receptacle ” high frequency electric current. It was he who distributes the electromagnetic field enters the field of action is , dishes begins to warm up . This occurs by the fact that the bottom of the dish is a closed circuit within which eddy currents are formed , i.e. , making circular movement , electric current heats the dishes. In this case, the very surface of the plate is practically not heated.

Induction cookers are much faster warm up the dishes and products in it, so as to act directly on the bottom of pots and pans, no intermediaries in the form of spirals and massive rings. They are safe and at clearing away dishes with them simply do not work . These surfaces do not burnt , as it is barely warm , so take care of such plates is easy.

Are there any special rules of operation of induction cooker ? Yes. And the first of them says that cooking on an induction stove you can use only the utensils that are made from stainless steel , cast iron and enameled metal. Not suitable for use on induction surfaces of copper , glass and aluminum cookware . In addition, the base of the pan is flat and match the diameter drawn on the surface of the plate burner . And one more restriction : induction cooker can not be installed over an oven and refrigerator. Uncomfortable ? Perhaps , but it’s a small price for a high level of safety and comfort.

And what about the ordinary electric cookers than they worse? According to experts , the induction technique helps greatly save on the consumption of electricity, which in itself is a big plus. In addition , induction cooker dishes more quickly heated and can significantly reduce the time required for cooking . Thus, modern technology compared to old-style electric stoves are much more efficient in terms of time and money.

Finally debunk a few myths about the induction. First of all, they are not radioactive (well, where there to take radiation, think for yourself .) In addition, the electromagnetic field produced by the stove does not cover the entire apartment , and does not destroy all life , really : at a distance of 30 cm from the plate it becomes zero. By the way, are you aware that the effect of electromagnetic induction is used in medicine? In any case, the electromagnetic fields created and PCs and TVs , and mobile phones, but most people do not come to mind , they are deadly , what they actually are right. By the way , the food from being in such a plate is not more harmful than after cooking in a microwave cooker.