Not turning the washing machine drum

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The presence of a foreign object

First we need to try to rotate the drum yourself manually. If you can not make a single rotation , then the reason is stuck between the drum and the tub foreign objects or destroyed and jammed bearings. Extraneous jammed item can simply extract through the hole for PETN , what would replace the bearing , requires knowing wizard .

The problem in the belt drive

Reasons for the gathering belt may be a few , this imbalance load , overload or strain relief . Whatever guilt check belt , remove one of the walls of the washing machine, then you will see the cause. If the belt just fell off – set it in place , if there was an open or weak belt tension detected , it must be replaced . What would you want to pick up the belt , look at the label on the outer surface , and there is contained all the necessary information .

electrical components

For fault detection in this category , you need to diagnose and electric heater .

motor capacitor

In older models may refuse capacitor . It is located close to the engine and has a cylindrical shape . Since faulty condenser motor will not turn the drum does not rotate. Replace faulty capacitor new with similar characteristics.

Why Is My Washing Machine Not Spinning or Turning?

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