How to determine the type of your hair

Definition of type of hair is a very important process, because on the basis of this knowledge are selected individual hair care, such as shampoos and conditioners. If a shampoo will be guessed incorrectly, it can cause deterioration of the hair. To determine the type of your own hair, one day is not enough.

You should observe her hair for some short period of time, highlight their distinctive features and determine their type of hair as part of today’s terminology. There are four types: normal, dry, oily and mixed hair. Hair type is determined by their natural lubrication, but it’s worth remembering that there are other ways of influence on hair, such as a permanent painting and hot styling. Thus, despite the fairly specific and detailed descriptions of all hair types listed below, be aware that in this matter there is no unambiguous and unequivocal criteria.


So, it is logical to start with a description of the normal hair-they reflect light well, Shimmer in the Sun, have a healthy looking, not split at the tips, easy to comb (both dry and wet) and stacked, as well as different special elasticity. Plus, all these qualities persist for several days after the wash the head. For this type of hair is perfect shampoo with conditioner “two in one”.

The next type of hair is greasy hair, which differ in excess glitter, fast stick together in single strands, acquire the unkempt look, unpleasant smell and become rebellious. Also oily hair are often accompanied by oily dandruff. The reason for such a fat hair is enhanced secretion of the sebaceous glands due to hormonal disorders, heat, high humidity, sweating or unbalanced diet (plenty of entering the body carbohydrates and fats). Owners of greasy hair it is recommended to use a mild shampoo to add volume (maximum hair rose from the roots, which would limit the spread of secretions through the hair). Such hair need washing 3-4 times a week.

Dry hair seem dull (as poorly reflect light), easily broken, confused, it Frays at the tips, easily torn, often accompanied by shallow dry dandruff. Most often the cause of dry hair becomes incorrect care: excessive washing, use a hot dryer, abuse of colouring and permanent, damage from the Sun. In addition, dry hair could result from deficiency of secretion of the sebaceous glands. For this type of hair you can advise the use nourishing shampoos and conditioners, as well as active strongly recommended not to use a hairdryer (possible hair must dry naturally).

How to determine the type of your hair


The mixed type, typically include long hair because they do not uniformly smearing grease on all length, resulting in the hair roots are usually greasy and ends at that time dry and split. The reason for the response of the sebaceous glands, as well as dryness tips are chemical, long stay under the Sun, hot styling, as well as frequent use of disinfectant shampoo. Such hair need special care. You should choose the means with a mild effect on hair (shampoos are recommended for combined hair). You can use shampoo for oily hair and apply only to the middle part and the tips.

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