Condensation on windows plastic pvc

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Condensation on windows plastic pvc – Installation of modern timber and PVC windows staffed sealed windows, enabled many of their owners forget about this troublesome annual event as insulation and sealing the windows in the winter .

Causes of condensation

Properly installed quality windows have become a reliable barrier to the external cold and noise , striving to penetrate pomeschenie.No windows during operation revealed one major problem – the formation of condensation on the glass . As a rule , such a phenomenon is observed mainly in the cold season and typical for windows from plastic or metal- profile. Cause the formation of moisture on the glass is the temperature difference of the contacting surfaces . More often it happens in the field of joints with a window frame outer wall of a building. When you turn on the heating system in homes and offices temperature difference increases even more . In frosty weather, under such conditions, deposited on glass condensate is able to turn into a layer of frost or frost . Slight warming leads to the melting of ice on the windows and puddles on the windowsill. Often excessive moisture does not stop at the windows and can settle on the slopes , and even on the walls and the ceiling, which can lead to the formation of mold .

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Unattractive spectacle ! Such catastrophic consequences occur when there is insufficient air exchange in the room when the air circulation difficult. Factor in the increase in humidity, can be cooking in the kitchen , holding water treatments in the bathroom , the presence of indoor plants on the windowsill , blackout curtains or blinds on the windows , and finally a large number of people in the room .

Household characteristics

Can cause condensation often serve as household characteristics , for example, all your favorite house plants . If you put them on a new sill, creating another seat where moisture . Therefore it is better to put flowers on a special shelf . There are many reasons : the presence of the heater tank wont dry your laundry on the battery , etc.

Thick curtains that adorn the plastic window , not only cover your apartment from prying eyes from the street, but also do not give the warm air from the heating system to get to the glass and the window sill . This contributes to a violation of circulation. Besides new wide sill that you installed instead of the usual thin , also significantly inhibited to heating of the window opening .

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How to deal with condensation ?

The solution to this problem – a regular room ventilation . And if it’s summer event does not cause any problems , in the cold season , along with the fresh air enters the room and chill . For such cases, manufacturers of plastic windows and provided a presence in the natural ventilation systems design .

In the manufacture of wooden windows create such special tools are required. Wood , being a natural material, it has the unique ability to “breathe” , which contributes to a continuous process of ventilation . This constant ventilation , even with the windows closed , helps prevent condensation and keep a comfortable indoor climate .

So , wooden windows are not only good protection against noise, cold and dust , but also a natural kind of filter allows you to adjust the humidity in the apartment, house or office.

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