Arrest of suspect in America’s the poisoned letter

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Arrest of suspect in America’s the poisoned letter

Was the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) on Wednesday the suspect letters sent by a “ricin” toxic to us President Barack Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker, according to us media.


The FBI said that its arrested Wednesday afternoon on Paul Kevin Curtis, who is suspected of being behind the poisoned messages.


News networks said NBC and CNN-quoting federal legal-suspect arrested in Tupelo, Mississippi.


US authorities said Wednesday they seized a message with-apparently-article “ricin” and addressed to President Obama, after verification of the letter similar to one the House of representatives.


The FBI said the letter received Tuesday-sort the mail Center for the White House, outside the presidential compound, and put it in the clandestine service officers-stone “contains material”.

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Senator Dick darben told reporters that the material sent in an envelope to the Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker, proved to be a “ricin”, after the FBI told the Group of lawmakers.


“Ricin” deadly poisonous substance found in Castor seeds, but you need to enter into a biological weapon, and can cause “ricin” death by 36 to 72 hours after exposure to a small amount like a pinhead, and there is no known antidote for this article.

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