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The error codes SAMSUNG washing machine 

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Replacement parts in Samsung washing machine

series R

E 1 – An error occurred while collecting water
E 2 – CM notify about problems you drain the water from the system ( draining the water does not conform to the manufacturer)
E 3 – The system warns that during filling of water reached the level of ” overflow ”
DE, DOOR – Check lock hatch ( not securely closed door)
E 4 – Number of laundry in the drum work does not meet the standards
E5, E6 – Problems caused by hot water
E7 – Not operating level water sensor
E 8 – Not observed temperature regime (t0 water non-compliant )
E 9 – This inscription appears in the event that the system has detected a water leak or 4 times in a row was produced by spontaneous drain ( to a safe level for the heater )

WF series

4E – Error water supply . Pressure switch for 10 minutes did not give a signal of a predetermined level of water filling .
5E – Error draining . Pressurestat fixed rate below the ” empty tank ” .
OE – Overflow water. Signal level sensor , forced water pumping occurs .
DE – Faulty lock hatch.
UE – The imbalance of laundry.
HE1 – Fever PETN .
HE2 – a problem with the heating failures .
IE –  water level sensor .
CE – breakage due to improper heat water in the tank.
LE – Spontaneous plums.
3E – Error tacho .
bE – Short triac control engine control module.
tE – Faulty thermistor chains . Voltage drops below 0.2 or above 4.5 volts

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