Removal of lime helps to save

Removal of lime helps to save

Removal of lime helps to save

Residents of the apartment complex Greenfield Village (Greenfield Village), located in the Salinas Valley, south of the city of Greenfield (California, USA), are facing serious problems due to the formation of scale deposits inside water heaters and recirculating pumps.

In the four years since the construction of 128 apartment complex in engineering systems of buildings formed so much lime that many water heaters and recirculating pumps stopped working . The owners are faced with the need to replace equipment that would have cost at least $ 400,000 .

During the examination of engineering systems, it was found that they are quite difficult to organize . Almost all communications are hidden in the walls and the ceiling, and access them uneasy, and any documentation is missing .

In this situation , the simplest solution was the installation of devices Gidroflou S-38 on the pipelines through which cold water is supplied to the water heater tanks , each apartment complex.

Most provide energy hot water systems


Eight months after the installation Gidroflou spot checks were carried out , which revealed that in water heaters , tanks , pipes and an associated sanitary equipment , calcium deposits were completely absent . All pumps , except for one working again .

An additional advantage was that now will be able to save not only the management company and the tenants themselves , since the efficiency of water heaters in each apartment has improved. Reducing the thickness of lime scale on the ¼ inch ( 6.3 mm) normally leads to an increase in the heating efficiency of 35%. Given that the system is beginning to dissolve Gidroflou accumulated lime deposits on the heating elements , the heat transfer coefficient increased boilers and water heaters . Because of this, reduced the amount of power and electricity charges in the accounts of the tenants.

In addition to reducing costs, water treatment system Gidroflou allowed Greenfield Village to maintain the status «environmental friendly» ( friendly to the environment ) habitats , as the company has avoided the need to use chemicals to remove lime from the equipment.

The introduction of water treatment Gidroflou helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair and replacement of equipment, and provided a cleaner solution.