What you need to know about summer houses made of lumber

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Until a few decades ago, the dacha was perceived as our parents place came at the weekend with the sole purpose of change one job to another, associated with the cultivation of vegetables, berries and fruit. Today, when it is more profitable to buy fruits and vegetables in the market rather than I am in the garden, summer has finally come to be perceived as meaningful a place to rest. What does it take to for a couple of days to forget about work? Desirable location of the suburban site, adequate neighbors and, of course, a vacation home from a bar. It is wooden built most of us associate with recreation in nature.

The perfect vacation home from a bar-what is it?

Proposals to construct houses made of lumber under the key to date missing, choose-don’t want would be the money for the project. Competition in the low-rise building wooden cottages is immense: its services are offered as real giants of the market with hundreds of people and small companies, responsible in the season a couple of buildings. Prices for these services vary quite a wide range, sometimes the cost of the same homes might be different at 30%.

From what repelled when selecting a specific draft country houses? The most important for the developer are:

usable area. Most often choose to give their small houses with area from 40 to 60 kV. m. course, everything is determined by expediency and the number of people who will be at the same time to have a rest in the countryside. For large families, it is appropriate to choose a two-storey wooden cottages, and is quite suitable for three persons bungalows building with attic;

the appearance, design. In this regard everyone “their markers”: someone liking minimalism and simplicity, someone wants to see your vacation home from a bar as a fanciful mansion, steeped with illustrations to any fairy tale. Note that it is more profitable to build on standard projects, rather than on individual, ground under all the vagaries of the Builder;
the main materials used for construction. Beams can be different, and from selecting a specific

type depends largely on the scope of work, terms of erection of buildings and its characteristics;
speed of construction. It is possible to build a vacation home from a bar for a few weeks, you can stretch it is fun for a couple of years-it all depends on the selected material, skill builders, and the amount of money that you are willing to part for the sake of the desired result.

Select beam costs and not only

We have already talked about that as a material beam happens to be different species, resulting in not only the aesthetic characteristics of wooden houses, but their construction technology as well as time spent on construction. Let’s look at this thing from the standpoint of the developer who wants to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with the real estate outside the busy metropolis-build wooden logs summer house you need as quickly as possible.

What you need to know about summer houses made of lumber

Quickly, in the case of the houses from a bar, then apply dry material, which subsequently will not be drastically change their size and shape. In such situations, consider the profiled beam, which can be manufactured from solid or glued of sorted tables. Which is better, normal or glued lamellar wood-this question everyone decides individually. In favour of the first option: Ecology, affordable cost. Glued material is convenient because it built the House gives a minimum shrinkage, beam does not crack over time and do not require any finishing. Using dry lumber, you can expect a vacation cottage will be ready to move in within a couple of months.

If the same time suffers, the economy can the developer to use the natural moisture of the material, which does not pass the stage of drying, it is comparable to it lowest prices. You can use beams of rectangular or square cross-section (chipped), as well as profiled option. It is assumed that such material has dried already in the blockhouse. While this will happen, its size will decrease (mainly the thickness and width) that can affect a change in geometry of walls and necessarily affect the amount of shrinkage home. Over 18 months-6 frame leave without finishing, Windows and doors for better ventilation. And only 20% below moisture are carrying out finishing works: walls can be sanded, painted, or hide behind trim (lining, Simulator, etc.).

Standard projects of country houses made of lumber from reputable companies

Build vacation cottage can be alone, but it is unlikely that it will be appropriate if neither you, nor someone of your relatives or friends, don’t have experience in construction works. However, you can experiment with small buildings, for example, you try to build a bath from a bar with my hands, and further thinking whether dressing. If you value your time, you can select one of the projects hosted on the sites of construction firms, detynets-they all offer model construction of country houses from a bar at very attractive prices. Just be aware that in most cases, if you really want to remake “a little” project, this may entail a substantial increase in the cost of your holiday home.

Small houses for rent available rank second after garden. On average, when erecting a neat wooden building. Pricing affects the complexity of the project, House size, remoteness of the construction site from the production base of the company. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that large firms often arrange seasonal promotions by participating in which you can save up to 30% of the funds. For example, significantly reduced prices on holiday homes in winter, and closer to the fly increases up to the maximum mark.

Many specialized firms offer potential buyers become familiar with private open-air Exposition, where he built the most popular summer houses made of lumber and OCB. It is here that you will literally “try on” House, assess whether there is a need in the attic of the lumber, whether to choose a project with Bay window, etc. Note that in some cases equipment set presented in exhibition complexes of buildings is different from the model, so don’t hesitate to qualify the managers all nuances.

For many it is a wooden house is an example of this summer-house, where it is nice to hang out with the whole family, waiting for the arrival of family and friends. And, most importantly, these buildings serve faithfully for not only you, but your children! Only select ‘n’ number of funds, select a project and start building!

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