How to choose a welder

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How to choose a welder – Welding is widely used in construction and repair work to connect metal parts. In this article , we will explain how to choose a welder .

As a rule, most available models are made of such devices in China. The reliability of such welders usually not at a high level , so it is better to give preference to devices manufactured in Europe or Japan .

Choosing a welding machine , you first need to pay attention to the range of adjustment of the weld current. Usually enough for everyday needs 160-200 A.

Another important characteristic is the duty cycle ( DC) devices . Modern devices using high currents are switched off in order to cool down. For example, at 30% duty cycle to keep the welding arc at the maximum current can be only 3 minutes out of 10. Remaining time needed for the ” rest ” of the instrument . Generally, when trying to use a plurality of electrodes at a time the fuse blows , which turns off the inverter for a few minutes.

When working with a smaller current device can be operated almost without interruption . However, in practice such a need does not arise , as during welding electrodes need to change , inspect the resulting seams and so on.

Also, when buying you need to pay attention to the load voltage . It may vary from 50 to 90 V, depending on the model of the welding apparatus. This voltage is higher , the better.

As for the mask , it is usually as the wire supplied with the welder . However, many mask may seem uncomfortable and not suitable for serious work. Therefore it is best to buy it separately. Some models come with a special suitcase , which is very convenient to store and transport the inverter . To the working device can be hung on the shoulder , the inverter must be equipped with a durable belt.

Another worth briefly cover protection welding machines from dust and moisture . These devices usually have protection class IP21 ( from raindrops and large particles ) . Some models may have a class IP23, which means protection from driving rain . However, to carry out welding work in the rain is strictly prohibited. The fact that against the ingress of moisture into the inverter it can simply be burned .

The greatest danger to the welding machine is metal dust . From this it follows that in any case does not need to work in the vicinity of the grinder inverter.

Power consumed by the welding machine , typically ranges from 4 to 8 kW , so the device can be connected to a regular household power . When the consumption of electricity by the inverter is much higher than that of lamps or kettle .

Finally it is worth noting that before buying a particular model should clarify the addresses of the nearest repair shops that can service it. If service centers will be away to buy this model does not make sense and should be considered other options.

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