Recommendations for weatherization verandas

Recently, more than half of urban residents prefer to buy villas or country houses , where you can just relax at heart, enjoy the fresh air , grow organic vegetables and fruits. But for the first frost did not catch you off guard , you need to think about warming veranda. Especially this time of summer residents care business executives who prefer to do everything by hand.

Where to start ?
First , you need to insulate the floor. For insulating floors building companies offer a variety of materials , but the most popular – it’s polystyrene foam slabs and Penopleks . Experienced experts advise Penopleks yet . It has higher strength , holds heat well . Gaps between the boards should not be, otherwise they blow out with foam . Lay on top of the film. On top lay a laminate film . To save money , you can stay on the linoleum .

The next step – glazed veranda.
Elaborate glazing of any room solves many problems for minimal heat loss and maintain coolness in summer. Not everything can be glazed veranda wall , but only on two sides. An important point – choose plastic windows known company . Make a frame for ventilation.

The third and most important stage is the insulation of the walls.
For wall insulation offered considerable choice of insulating materials : mineral wool, penofol , foam sheets.

Recommendations for weatherization verandas

In most used plastic , as it is the most cost-effective material . Penofol is more expensive , but has better performance , thanks to a special stratum of metal particles , prevents the penetration of cold masses , and saves the warm air inside the room. If you apply for both insulation material , it is possible to achieve absolute warmth.

We turn to the ceiling insulation .
Thermal insulation of the ceiling insulation is similar walls. Suggested materials and foam penofol . You can also use the ” bunk ” (wood, impregnated with a special compound that does not absorb the moisture ) .

During the period of thermal insulation must be carefully ventilate the room , especially with the use of foam . Work only with a working tool.

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