How to choose a drill for metal

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How to choose a drill for metal – Most likely , every man at least once in their lives used a drill and know what the drill. Any tool , especially if it works with metal, like a drill for metal, wear and blunts . And here it is necessary to consider the material from which it is made, the better the metal is , the better the work will be done and will be more durable drill.

Do not know how to choose a drill on the metal ? To start , let’s see what drills are used and where . All drills are divided into conical and cylindrical. Tapered used in drilling machines , cylindrical used only hand tools .

Metal of the drill is made , should be fully consistent purpose use. Tungsten carbide drill bits used for drilling of metals : cast iron , titanium alloys , non-ferrous metals .

Drilling in these materials occurs at low or medium speeds . For drilling holes in concrete, it is necessary to drill through and they differ probe specific T-shaped tip .

Drills from high-strength material used for drilling soft materials , wood , plastic, chipboard. Any need to sharpen drill , otherwise its working functions deteriorate .

Tool sharpening should be done correctly as incorrectly selected angle can damage the drill and make it unusable . Sharpening drills conducted a special device . Manually sharpen drill is almost impossible, unless a professional locksmith .

All types of drill bits are divided into two subspecies: feather and spiral type . Each of them has its purpose , and a number of characteristics . The spiral is the most popular type and is suitable for all construction work. The drill has the form of a rod with tapered end . The drill is a high and has a long service life. The main disadvantage of the drill – a high price .

Bore bits or flat has a simple design , durability and reliability , as well as affordable price , making this drill is the most popular .

By purchasing a drill , you should pay attention to the diameter , type and appearance. The drill must not be damaged , dents and scratches . All defects affect the quality of work and life. Drills for metal should not have any spots , indicating metal , it says that the drill can break during operation.

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