Replace in washing machine bearing [repair]

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Replace in washing machine bearing

Appeared a nasty metal grinding sound, For starters it would be good to determine the source of unpleasant noise. Scroll hand drum of the washing machine, it is possible that between the tank and drum is a foreign object. The next reason might be bearing failure, such a failure requires a qualified specialist. But still, not to get to the money, let’s see how to find out what is the cause of a metallic lows. If it is a foreign object, usually, this sound is present on any revolutions of the drum of the washing machine. In case of bearings, noise, mostly appears at high revs, in addition the same sound can publish and motor bearings, but it happens much less often.

Replace in washing machine bearing

1- On touch and hearing.

2- if the washing machine squeezes out things with high noise

3- if there is a backlash, with internal drum

4- If on the back of the tank from underneath the drum pulley, visible trail of Rusty Brook

Be aware if you do not replace the bearings, it is likely the last stages of wear, the drum is simply blocked and repairs will cost much more expensive. Produce independent repair such damage, we do not recommend, because, despite the seeming ease, this process is quite time consuming. Not only do we need to know the sequence of disassembly and assemblies, washing machine, because each has its own features. Have the special tools: screwdrivers, pliers, gear pullers, a set of keys of various sizes, rubber Mallet, hammer the simple, round nose pliers, special sealant, special greases, know what gland (quality) which bearings for washing machines can be set, i.e. they must withstand a load of crazy and something more. If you still decide to change the bearings with their hands, better a thousand times to think it can leave you sideways. Remember that when not qualified repair washing machine with his hands, can exacerbate the problem, until no further repair. Did not see in this video that we posted below, on similar videos work make the pros. Very good you can think so or not.

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