About quality of timely repair of rolling stock

About quality of timely repair of rolling stock – Uninterrupted state uses rolling stock – an indispensable position of its good content . Conditions for the use of those prohibited from issuing in use and pass to following trains composition having damage that may jeopardize the reliability of motion , as well as put in train cars with industrial goods , a condition which does not guarantee the safety of goods transported . Do not connect to the train carriages for passengers having a fault in the heating , electrical equipment , ventilation and other faults disrupting normal conditions of carriage of passengers. And therefore plays an important role repair of rolling stock .

Responsibility for the quality of the service produced , reconditioning and safe movement of cars assigned as workers performing maintenance and repairs , and for professionals, executives Depots, plants , preparation points wagons for transportation and places of those services.

The regulations technical operation predefined basic requirements to those service and repair cars. In accordance with these requirements determine how those services and reconditioning cars and norms between the path and timing of repair periodicity reconditioning . Keeping cars in good condition achieved systematic those serving them in the ways of following and timely repair of damaged and unusable parts of the car.

About quality of timely repair of rolling stock

Cars designed to transport goods not assigned to a particular way , as are the entire railway network. This method determines their reconditioning . Passenger cars unlike trucks go on certain flights and returned to the depot, where they will be made the most important works of maintenance .


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