how to clean air conditioner at home

how to clean air conditioner at home In the category Air Conditioning & Ventilating Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about how to clean air conditioner at home.

how to clean air conditioner at home – Wonders of technology are much easier to human life. Especially during the summer , pleased with the presence in the house air conditioner. Thanks to this device , the apartment can feel wonderful climate and adjust to suit your mood and health. However, it should be borne in mind that all of the dust , which he had collected and saved up for a year of course remained inside. All hit falls directly on the filter, but with the active use of air conditioning and ventilation just simply starts to drive the air and throw out some of the dust . Moreover , this is the ” exhaust” is dangerous for the occupants and cause serious health problems .

In order to repair the air conditioner is not needed for many years and brought its owners only positive emotions , you need to carry out preventive cleaning.

Clear air conditioning at home maybe 5  simple ways:

1. Standard – mechanical. It is what you need to disassemble the torpedo, then gently and thoroughly clean all evaporators with special brushes and tools ;

2 . Easy and simple method of spray foam . Special spray is sprayed into the air vents through a narrow tube extension , and after 15 minutes should include the engine and selecting a program airing cold to wait for another 4 minutes ;

3 . Spray method is that when the air conditioner to a slow speed , you need to start spraying aerosol prepared in advance through the hole. Should be possible to try to spray this stuff on the evaporator cell , also used to connect the aerosol to ” probe adapter .” Do not apply pressure to the valve so as spraying should be smooth , even metered . Next abruptly switch it in hot mode and squandered at least 10 minutes . This is done in order to dry well evaporator and all the air ducts .

4 . Purification via recirculation of fine aerosol . The first thing on the program include air conditioning LO and minimum speed of air flow . Cooking spray, activate it and put it on the floor.

5 . with the air conditioner itself must be turned off . Very important tool in spray barred ventilation narrow opening . Processing will end only when the spray is completely devastated. You can use the device only in 10 -15minutes after the purification procedure .

how to clean air conditioner at home

To clean the air conditioner should be home by yourself as accurately as possible . After all, if such a device is self- cleaning , do not forget that it is quite complex and requires special handling . We are talking about the exact accordance with its operating instructions. Also, do not forget that your hands can only be cleaning the external and internal filter unit and perform a deep cleaning of all internal parts and components especially prohibited as minimal disruption could cause serious damage to this unit. Also, any type of cleaning can begin only after the air conditioner is disconnected from the network.

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