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winter air conditioner kit In the category Air Conditioning & Ventilating Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about winter air conditioner kit.

A winter air conditioner kit is one of the most important options that must be installed to operate an air conditioner in the winter. If you buy an air conditioner for uninterrupted operation, for example, in the server room, then a winter kit is a vital necessity.

The fact is that a conventional air conditioner is not designed to work at temperatures below -5 degrees, when you try to start it in the cold, the air conditioner compressor may fail due to frozen lubrication and improper thermal cycle. Inverter air conditioner will withstand temperatures up to -15 degrees, but it is not recommended to run it at a lower temperature.

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Wall-mounted air conditioners

Do not forget about the decreasing efficiency of work on heating with a drop in temperature – the principle of operation of the air conditioner is based on the transfer of energy between two heat exchangers. However, there are systems that work effectively for heating and in severe frosts.

winter air conditioner kit Overview

A variety of types of air conditioners are available for sale, which differ in working properties and the principle of operation. However, many of them are used only in the warm period, and with the arrival of winter they are turned off.

This is due to the likelihood of condensation inside the equipment due to the effects of temperature and humidity. Modern models of air conditioners are equipped with a powerful drainage system that removes moisture residues with the help of a special pipe brought to the street. If the temperature marks drop below zero, the tube can freeze strongly, which is why an ice plug will form in it. In the future, the output of condensate to the outside will be impossible.

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