Washing machine drum stopped turning [repair]

Washing machine drum stopped turning [repair] In the category DIY Washing Machine Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Washing machine drum stopped turning [repair].

Washing machine drum stopped turning

In this article we have several sections, in view of the fact that the cause of this breakdown may be any of the following fault, Let’s enumerate, that may be the reason that the washing machine drum stopped turning.

1- Broke the strap in a washing machine. Change the strap in a washing machine, pretty easy on the Internet quite a lot of material on the. Determine breakage of the belt, the task is not difficult, just the drum if it twists easily and inaudible brushes, it is quite possible that the belt torn. Removing the top cover of the washing machine, you will be able to see on site the belt or not. In case of breakage or weak tension of the belt to replace it. All the necessary information for the selection of belt is contained in the marking on its outer surface, Let’s continue and talk about the marking of the straps. Numbers indicate the working length of the belt (for example: 1200 is 120 cm or 1200 mm) and the letters H and J on the profile type.

Profile type belt-this fin spacing, it is only two, but the grooves themselves (Brooks) from three and more, H is equal to 1.6 mm, J-equal to 2.34 mm.

Well if you have a belt with nominal dimensions, and if not what to do. Recommend show not a big video in which I’ll tell you what to do in such a case.

2- is dead engine, in this case, it is necessary to invoke the wizard. Not having certain skills you can make themselves unlikely to repair their own hands. But if still decided to tinker with the engine, you first notice the brushes.

3- foreign object between the tank and drum. Is very rare, but it happens. There was a case where a tank pulled wool sock stuck on tene, between tank and drum, had to remove Tan. Putting everything in place, drum began spinning properly.

4- drum bearings. Remove the drive belt and try to spin the drum.

5) not getting water in the washing machine. The fact of the matter is that in the washing machine, the water level in the tank should reach a certain point, only after that, the engine will start.

6- is dead lock the hatch of the washing machine. If lock fails, the control unit will not give the signal to start the washing machine.

7- control module has failed. Themselves to climb here is not recommended.

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