Types of interior paints

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Types of interior paints

Paint – one of the most common materials . It is used for painting the ceiling, walls, floors , etc. This article will talk about emulsion paints . Emulsion paint – they diluted with water . Coloring paint particles and the base are in the aqueous medium , thereby forming a stable emulsion . Once the paint is dry so it is not washed off with water.

The advantage of this paint is that while it is still wet , you can easily wash your hands , as well as working tools . Emulsion paint – an environmentally friendly material. Before returning in use paint surface must be primed. Emulsion paints should not be applied over old paint, especially if it’s glue and paint glossy .

In turn over emulsion paint can be applied to any paint coatings and paint. The paint dries quickly and has a pungent smell .

Emulsion paint can be divided into several types:

1. acrylic

2 . water based paints

3 . latex

4 . silicone

5 . PVA

6. water-dispersible

water-based paints

Many people think that water-based and water-dispersion paints are the same , but it’s still wrong. Water-based paints are less resistant to moisture and water-dispersion paints and a waterproof paint can often be cleaned with a damp cloth. There is another difference is that water-based paints have a very large number of different colors than can boast water-dispersion paints .

Latex paint , you can create various volumetric effects . It is possible to decorate the surface.

Composition of inks and their use

Acrylic – binding element in them is the presence of acrylic resin. These paints are very durable and have a very elastic . But this kind of paint is quite expensive, so not everyone makes the choice is in favor of such paint. Acrylic paints can withstand severe frosts , but only after completely dry . Such paint should not be applied on plaster earlier than 1 month after the plaster .

Acrylic paint is also not recommended to use the paint on the walls of old buildings. These paints  excellent , as well as form a surface that will serve for many years.

Latex paint – the cost of such paint is the highest among all the emulsion . They are produced with the addition of latex , from which there was such a name . This type of paint can be used on different surfaces: painted walls, ceilings . Drying speed is high enough about 20-60 minutes after application.

PVA paint – PVA paint. This kind of paint the most affordable . If a paint wash it often , she quickly peel . But there are pros and lightfastness it environmentally friendly .
Silicone paints – their link is silicone resins . They have a high degree of elasticity .

The second group are the paints – alkyd paint .

The basis of such paints include alkyd resins . To carry this oil paint and enamel paint. They can be used in painting of metal products , wood , as well as plastered surfaces. Non-toxic , light fastness , can withstand contact with water .

Silicate paints – they are made with the use of liquid dripping , they can be attributed to mineral paints. They are very resistant to large temperature fluctuations.

Distempers – made ​​with organic polymers. Its properties are very similar to emulsion paint , but they are less resistant to moisture .

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