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The angelic image is so fabulous and fascinating. He attracts with its purity and mystery. Angel children are indispensable participants of Christmas, New Year’s and Halloween events. This is one of the most popular images for photo shoots.

It is not difficult to create an angel’s outfit with your own hands, for all the apparent complexity. We will tell you how to make an angel costume for a girl as quickly and least expensive as possible.

Making an angel costume

White is the main color. The presence of pastel, golden, silvery tones is allowed.
As for clothing, there is complete freedom.

It can be a dress, top, skirt, even a gymnastic swimsuit and a tutu. Neither length nor style matter. The main condition – clothes should be white.

Indispensable attributes of the character – wings, halo or wreath.

In his hands, perhaps, a magic wand.
If you intend to create an angel costume with your own hands on the basis of available items of clothing, conduct an audit of the wardrobe. A suitable simple or ball gown or swimsuit with a tutu will greatly simplify the task. You will have to add wings and additional accessories.

In the hands of a little angel can have a magic wand. It won’t be hard to make. It is enough to take a suitable base, wrap with foil and glue an interesting top. Most often – it’s a Christmas star, but you can have a heart, and a fluffy ball. Be fantasy!

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