Rules of mating dogs on which day estrus knit dog

How does the mating dogs, on which day estrus need to knit dog and owner should do that? Article tells newcomers-all about dog breeders mating dogs and tell me what to do, so that mating took place for sure.

Usually the animals understand themselves, and the whole process takes place without the participation of the owner. When both. But it is better to know what to do to ensure that mating took place for sure, and how to create the necessary conditions for dogs.

Rules of mating dogs on which day estrus knit dog

On what day of estrus conditions dogs? Rules of mating dogs.

The first estrus in dogs occurs in 6-9 months and puberty among females comes at third, which falls on the 20/month (1 year 8 months) of life. In principle, the female is ready to welcome the first males and for leaks, but so early you can’t knit! Ideal same days for mating are 11 to 15 from the beginning of estrus.

Best knit bitch to 2 m years, as males. Before two years cannot be dog knit in any case. Health early sex life will not add neither dog nor offspring.

prepare for mating?

Before viscous animals need good walk, but you should not feed. Familiarize dogs better in neutral territory so they can meet and run and then fought on the territory of the males. Conduct must always be binding only on the territory of the males. In fact, an act of love can happen during dating, so don’t bother process. So you’re in the territory of the males. Most likely no intervention is required.

If you have a small dog breed and you spend the mating in the apartment, you can lay the floor of one room unnecessary sheets to help soak up the selection. Admittedly, the process of courtship may involve active movements, which can lead to things in the room.

Some tricks.

If one of the partners for mating is small relative to the other, you can substitute the hind legs under the pillow or if the bitch put below her belly on the bent knee. This Board is rather important for small breeds. Just don’t try to tuck paws bitches so that male pulled out before her.

After ejaculation occurs Male may be to bitch or stand to her back. Animals deal themselves. However, if the Lady tries to escape or go-do not allow her a little hold. Also try not to frighten the dog.

That’s all. Let me remind you that often dogs do their business not delivering hassle. However, if something goes wrong, it is better to call a specialist for breeding,

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