why do not rotate the drum in the washing machine

why do not rotate the drum in the washing machine ? – Washing machine – is an essential technique in everyday terms . Wash by hand takes too much time , and the result is not guaranteed . How can that be , if the washing machine suddenly stopped spin the drum ? First you need to calm down, do nothing and find out the cause , which may be several.

1. Congregate or torn belt

The most likely cause . If your washing machine is running on a direct drive , then there is no reason to worry about this cause , because in such devices simply do not have the belt – drive taco stands in typewriters LG series and if it burns , the repair of washing machines LG Direct Drive will make only a specialist . Determine the cause , you can : rotate the drum by hand . If he moves too freely , it is possible to put all the same belt. During washing is heard normal sound of the engine , and the drum does not rotate , again possibly blame belt. It happens that the belt is stretched and then the drum starts to rotate slowly .

2 . engine trouble

If you include the laundry , the drum is not spinning and the engine sound is not heard , it is not excluded that it stopped working . Could wear out brushes, ball bearings or other worn component parts . Determine the exact cause can only master , as You need to disassemble the machine. No need to change the whole engine – enough to replace worn elements .

3 . Lack of supply voltage

If power is not supplied to the engine , and then actuate the drum nothing. It is possible that somewhere interrupts and can be faulty software module . Master tell you why after a full diagnosis. To avoid this , follow the diet – there should be no jumps and the more closures.

4 . Clogged filter

When the filter becomes clogged , the machine makes an emergency stop , which resulted in the drum stops spinning and if there is no drain and tank full – this happens to Samsung, then , if you can not clean the blockage or to find the cause , you need to call the master of the house and washing machine repair SAMSUNG. Therefore it is enough to clean the filter container of hair , threads , and other debris and continue washing. Extraneous element between the tub and the drum will happen , could happen , maybe a foreign object got inside at the factory during manufacture , and can – during transportation. In this case, it suffices to examine the machine , investigate it and gently pull the foreign object, trying not to offend . Determine the exact cause only able to master .

5 . Vibration and noise during the spin cycle

Breaking the main carrier bearing drum leads to symptoms when in entering the large momentum appears excessive vibration, rattle and hum increased . This is a bad sign – it is likely that soon the drum ” jam ” and it will not rotate at all . When this blows belt from burning engine can leak or water from the tank through the destroyed bearing and seal . There is already a need to overhaul the machine.

How to Fix an LG Front load washer machine that wont spin

Remember that is impossible in this world , you can fix almost anything , the main thing – to entrust it to professionals . Take care of your equipment, and to avoid possible problems .

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