Replacement sealed in a plastic box

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Replacement sealed in a plastic box – There are situations where a replacement can be carried out independently sealed . It should be clearly understood that after the replacement of its quality will be different (quality will be lost .) In addition , some window design can not be replaced .

If the window is standard, then , first of all, you need to remove the damaged window and measure it accurately , including thickness. Even if it was damaged in only one window – you need to change completely the entire window.

To work on how to replace sealed master will need a set of tools: slick or stiff putty knife , hammer rubber , silicone-based sealant , as well as to protect the hands – thick rubber gloves.

Repair PVC windows double-glazed window to replace several steps involved in the work .

Step 1. Removing the old sealed .
First of all, remove the glazing beads . Begin to work with the middle section, disconnect the glazing beads one by one. In order to turn their disconnected with a chisel .

2 . removing windows
Damaged glass removed and lay down so that the injury was located upward glass . Replaceable glass sealed with a thin cut with a knife, and then cut off all the sealant for a given perimeter. As a result, the pane will remain remote frame, which , later, to be replaced by a new one.

3 . replacement sealed
After having been completed all the preparatory work , proceed to install the new sealed made ​​by the previous withdrawal options .

This stage of work requires special care and caution. It is important not to soil the inside of the glass . On the new window set the adjustment plastic plate. In that case, if the window is ” blind ” , the plates are only used at the bottom and in the case of slats – plates mounted on two corners and is sized sealant. After the silicone sealant has dried , fix windows  , using a rubber mallet , installation is carried out from the corner to the middle of the ( first set upper glazing bead ) . Furthermore, between the window and the opening is placed plastic liner.

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