Finishing materials ventilated facades

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Finishing materials ventilated facades – Modern developers tend to use not only fashionable and attractive solutions for facades, but also the most practical. Few people think that the facade construction has not only aesthetic but also a protective role. In addition, thanks to the unique technology of ventilated facades, which has become widespread throughout the world, it is possible to achieve a high level of energy saving in the room. In this article I would like to see the most popular materials for finishing ventilated facades used by modern construction companies.

First on our list appears elite version of terracotta. Today terracotta facade panels can be found only in the decoration of elite commercial structures, which is fundamentally important for the image of clients and partners. Terracotta panels are made by firing technology colored clay with the addition of special binders. In modern conditions the installation of ventilated facade, using terracotta material is carried out in a very short time and can be implemented at any time of year.

thermal insulation properties of building materials

Following, consider one of the most popular options, whose name is “granite”. Ceramic granite is also manufactured by firing technology, but based on its production laid white clay and feldspar. Traditionally, granite is among the most rugged and durable materials used in the finishing of ventilated facades. An important advantage of porcelain – is resistant to the corrosive chemicals that are contained in the air of any metropolis. Alternative porcelain stoneware – natural granite with a solid performance and aesthetic characteristics. By the way, many historic buildings in Europe is finished granite.
Quite an interesting option for ventilated facade – panels of composite material. The main advantage of this solution – a wide range of design proposals and the relatively low cost of the material. Composite material meets the most stringent customer requirements for “price-quality”.

If we talk about natural stone and marble, it should immediately be noted the high cost of front panels of these materials. Certainly, ventilated facades of marble – is solid, attractive and always original, but, unfortunately, is not available to every consumer. And yet, if only like natural stone, you can pay attention to the granite, full of marble or other natural material.

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