How to put water cooling on your computer?

How to put water cooling on your computer? – Computers use fans to cool processors, video cards and hard drives. If your system runs too hot or you use a lot of processing power at all times, normal fans may not offer sufficient cooling. Kits cooling water using a combination of propylene glycol and distilled water to cool the system. They are quieter than fans of water and can do a better job of cooling, in addition to requiring less maintenance and cleaning. Although you can build your own water cooling system, a kit is easier and less intimidating to install, and typically have better prices.

How to know which system to use water cooling on my computer?

Check the specifications for the motherboard of your computer. Buy a water cooling kit that fits the motherboard. If your option is to build a kit for yourself, you will have to find one that has slots for your motherboard. Some kits, both ready as those you can do yourself, have inputs for video cards and even hard drives. If you want a complete system, you should look for these kits.

As the water cooling system with a radiator works, it is important that you make sure that the radiator fits and fits well in your motherboard.

How to install a water cooling system on my computer?

Open your computer. Remove all cards from the motherboard. Disconnect all cables. Take note that everything passes, since you need to reassemble it later. Take pictures, separate the screws, use an anti-static wristband. Remove the motherboard from the case and place on a flat, static-free. All this very carefully. If possible, clean all parts during the process.

Locate the heat sink. You will find the heat sink connected to the central processing unit. Release the clip heatsink. Remove it gently sliding it forward. This sink is usually directly connected to the CPU cooler and are very secure. Every care is little here.

How to put water cooling on your computer?

Clean the thermal grease from the chip processor present in it and apply some new thermal paste. Mount the water block on the CPU using the mounting bracket kit, fitting all the pieces correctly. Do not overdo the use of thermal grease or you will have to clean up and start all over again. If you will use the water cooling on the video card, remember to prepare them to receive the water cooling tubes.

Replace the motherboard into the chassis. Reconnect all cables and adapters. Attach the hose to the water block. Connect the power cord from the pump to a power connector computer power. Note that in the kits is not ready, you just put the liquid after the entire system ready. So, be careful not to allow the liquid to touch the computer’s circuitry.

Before filling the reservoir with coolant and prepare the system, check all connections and see if they are secure. A leak may be the end of your computer. Test the system by hand in the socket plug: at the slightest leak, turn off everything to prevent a short circuit.

After confirming that there are no leaks, turn on the computer. Go to the configuration of the computer and check the temperature of the processor and video card, if you used the refrigeration therein. If the temperature is high, check that the pump is working properly.

How much does a water cooling system on your computer?

Kits ready and good performance . Home kits, you can assemble at home, can get out cheaper but will require greater knowledge on your part. If you want a kit that also cools your video card, the price is also more expensive.

Who needs a cooling system with water on your computer?

The water cooling is for those who use the computer for gaming, design or 3D rendering. Who has a “normal” computer, ie only videos and internet use can use a standard cooling system and opt for cooling with water when you think the computer does not have a satisfactory performance and need an overclock, which usually increases The temperature of the system and requires better cooling.

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