Salt inhaler do it yourself review

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It is believed that saline inhalers with their own hands can be made in different ways. Despite the fact that the device seems simple enough, it is almost impossible to create a device that will allow to produce full-fledged halotherapy at home.

What is halotherapy

Halotherapy is a treatment with a dry aerosol made from tiny negatively charged grains of salt. Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) is crushed to the state of particles that can fly freely in the air.

Is it possible to collect a salt inhaler with your own hands?

According to many users, it is enough to have something that grinds salt, and come up with how to direct the soaring small particles in the respiratory system. One of the common ways to collect a dry salt inhaler on your own is to pour salt into a coffee grinder, cover it with a hole, turn on the device and breathe soaring grains of salt.

How to make inhaled salt free. Side effects of asthma lamp air aspiration pipe review treatment salt refill inhalation combined break breathe easy salt pipe salt inhalation has many great health benefits, especially when used with food. The use of inhaled salt provide the easy way, free of drugs, inhaled salt is positively purifying device to disinfect the entire respiratory tract through the expulsion of allergens and contaminants.

There are significant drawbacks to this method:

particles are too large and do not get into the bronchi and alveoli, and settle on the mucous nose and nasopharynx;

It is impossible to control the concentration of salt in the resulting weight;

as a result, the optimal time of the procedure cannot be determined.

These restrictions are especially important if you are going to treat the baby. It remains unknown whether in a particular case a homemade inhaler will benefit, harm or no effect at all.

Benefits of medical haloingers

Unlike dry-type salt nebulizers with their own hands, professional devices for such inhalations allow you to fine-tune all parameters of the procedure specifically “under the patient” of any age with any diagnosis.

They have several modes of operation, for each of which the time, the size of the particles, the concentration of salt are precisely defined. In addition, the principle of the dry-type haloinger assumes that the particles are ionized (receive a negative charge), which provides an additional therapeutic effect.

Professional medical equipment, unlike artisanal, is safe, and its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous tests. Therefore, we do not recommend self-medication.

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