moen shower faucet leak repair

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Sooner or later, every person can be overtaken by such a disaster as a breakdown of the faucet in the bathroom, in particular the water switch on the shower. Modern faucets are arranged quite simply, so almost every person who has minimal skills in this area can repair a small technical damage. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to have a standard set of tools.

Types and features of structures

There are three main types of switch.

This is a type of switch from a goose to a shower, in which there is a special mechanism – a spool. In this mechanism, when rotating a special rod, the water supply and head are regulated. Nowadays, this type is used less and less, as it is inconvenient and impractical.

The switch resembles a spool analogue, but has a useful feature, thanks to which it is used more widely. Its feature is the spring that holds the rod. When you lift the switch, it stretches and clamps the rod, thanks to this, the water pressure begins to flow. When the valve is turned, the water from the shower goes back to the main faucet.


This is a modern shower switch. The locking mechanism (cartridge) regulates the head supply by changing its position. This type is divided into two subspecies: ceramic and ball.


Push-button is the most modern look. It works thanks to the pressing of a special button, which in some of the most modern mixers is automatic. It automatically switches the flow of water when turned off.

Causes and types of breakdowns

If the switch is broken, you need to find the place of failure. There are many reasons why the switch does not work or works poorly. Of all, the main ones can be distinguished.

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