Interior doors in interior design house

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Interior doors in interior design house – It is difficult to imagine a modern house without interior doors. They are not only important functional elements that provide zoning space , but also integral parts of the interior , so should be selected on the basis of a common conceptual style of the room.

To achieve exclusive interiors with impeccable style matured , should be trusted only proven and reliable manufacturers of interior doors . Their impeccable quality and flawless appearance famous reliable and durable interior doors Lendor who deservedly considered one of the best representatives of its class. Choosing interior doors for a specific interior , it is necessary first of all, determine the type of door. Today the market offers a huge selection of different types of interior doors – from uncomplicated standard single door sliding to complex structures composed of many elements , which together form a functional and original system .

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Besides the type of interior doors , you need to decide on their appearance, which should organically fit into the interior of the house. Fortunately, the manufacturers of interior doors today offer a wide range of products , among which there are models of completely different design. So , for the interior in a minimalist style perfectly suited simple plain hinged doors without unnecessary decorative elements and other delights. At the same time classic decor requires more than pompous doors made ​​of valuable wood . It can be both single- and double-leaf hinged doors . That concerns sliding models , they best fit into the interior in the style of hi-tech, because themselves are an expression of modernity and progress fleeting .

Choosing interior doors for a specific interior, should also be considered colors . It is desirable that the door is not strongly contrasted with the rest of the room decor , but not merged with the entourage. Sometimes to create a truly unique interior doors need to find rare shades that simply are not produced commercially . In this case, you can go one of two ways – it ordered the door manufacturer desired shade in a single copy , or paint yourself a ready-made door suitable shape and size to the desired shade . For this purpose special paint that dries quickly , does not constitute a health hazard and provide lasting saturated color and decorate the interior of the house..

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You may want to become a designer doors yourself. Each original interior requires bold creative solutions. Since even a bespoke interior doors will have analogs that achieve complete exclusivity can only decorate the door with his hands. To do this, cover the door with a special paint of the desired shade that echoes the interior objects , and then decorate the door so that it was a continuation of the pattern wall or ceiling . The most stunning decorative effect can be obtained using a special stencil with which the door can transfer any image – green lawn with colorful flowers and fluttering butterflies or fascinating night city lights – it all depends on the imagination of the author and interior context.

Aside from the aesthetic side of the issue is also important practical aspect . Door – it’s not just the interior decoration , but also an important functional element . The main challenge facing the interior doors – this zoning areas and dividing it into separate and isolated rooms . This is an important condition for a comfortable stay in the house , because if there are no interior doors , neither of which privacy can not be out of the question , the smells from the kitchen will always hover around the house , filling the bedroom and living room , and the noise from the children certainly will not interfere with adults relax , watch TV, read books, discuss the events of the past day . To avoid all these negative aspects , it is necessary to take care of buying high-quality , reliable and durable interior door with good insulating properties .

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Thus , the importance of proper selection of interior doors is not questioned . If that should start from the finished interior of the house or come from a design project of new housing. However, not only the appearance of the door must be taken into account , because they do still function zoning , dividing space into separate rooms with different purposes . That’s why doors should be chosen with good insulating ability , who do not miss any odors inside , no sounds, no cold air.

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