Installation of suspended ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings

Most often strips suspended ceilings are made of plastic or aluminum, but because these structures have a high moisture resistance and ease of maintenance. Thanks to these wonderful qualities they can be mounted not only in the living room or bedroom , but also in the bathroom, as well as in the kitchen.

The design of suspended ceilings

The advantages of such a ceiling finishes include the same simplicity of its design and installation, but still if you have enough experience in the repair business, it is recommended that it is better to install this design to order service carpenter. Suspended ceilings of this type consist of decorative strips that can be matte , glossy , as well as The wood support rails, guide profiles, moldings and hangers. The tire is a metal or plastic element , equipped with special teeth . On it and fixed slats. The suspension consists of a bracket and rod. Last mounted on drafts ceiling and clamp the bus.

Self- assembly

The first thing to do – is to determine the distance from the ceiling to the main rack . This figure may vary from 5 to 30 cm It depends primarily on whether held in the resulting space and any communication from the height of the room . Personal preference landlord are also in this issue of great importance .

After that, around the room at a selected distance from the main ceiling is drawn horizontal line (if it is carrying to use a spirit level ) . Then , focusing on the way made ​​a mark on the wall attach the guide profile . Self-tapping screws screwed in at a distance of about 50 cm from each other. Tires are mounted flush with the profile. First make a mark in about 40- inches from the wall. Next – a distance of one meter from the first .

Hangers to the main ceiling fixed with dowels and screws , then mount them on the tires themselves . At this stage it is impossible to allow any errors , otherwise the finished ceiling will look unattractive . Reiki is hung on the tires perpendicular , focusing on directing . The distance between the profile and the tire should be about 1 cm Subsequently, it will be closed by the decorative molding.

How To Install A Suspended or Drop Ceiling

As you can see , the installation of suspended ceilings is no particular difficulty is no different. The main thing to do everything carefully and slowly , especially during the measurements. This way you can get a beautiful and practical ceiling decoration that can serve faithfully for decades .suspended ceiling ,suspended ceiling tiles ,suspended ceilings ,suspended ceiling hooks ,suspended ceiling systems ,suspended ceiling grid ,suspended ceiling lighting ,suspended ceiling installation ,armstrong suspended ceiling ,how to install suspended ceiling

Suspended Ceilings Installation Guide


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