Independent electric ovens

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Independent electric ovens

Increasingly popular are built in electric oven , which replaced the fixed -marker plates. Independent electric oven save kitchen space , have an attractive design and always fit perfectly into any interior.

A wide choice of models, different in size, functionality and management, will find an embedded electric oven is ideal for you. The multiple modes of cooking can help prepare your favorite dishes as well as experiment with new gourmet goodies .

Top heat will perfectly when cooking casseroles, bottom heat – for cakes with crispy base or just to maintain the temperature of the finished dish .

Grill ideal for chops, steaks and fish. And in combination with convection grill your meals will be juicy inside and outside rosy . Defrost function to save time . Rotisserie will be indispensable for frying chickens.

Meat probe not only measure the temperature , but will notify you achieve a perfect result .

To date , deciding to buy independent electric oven in the online store, you will forget the long and painful purification, due to its self-cleaning :

Easy clean enamel – enamel prevents residue build-up of food or spills , so all the dirt can be easily removed with a damp sponge ;

Catalytic cleaning – convenient because it is already splitting during cooking;

The pyrolytic cleaning – under the influence of high temperature breaks down the fat and all the pollution , and you will only remove the ash.

Air cooling housing support low temperature on the outer surfaces , protecting the components of the cabinet , and you can be quiet for your kitchen furniture.

In the online world of home appliance store 220 ​​volts , you can buy inexpensive independent electric oven with an official guarantee from the manufacturer .

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