how to make a water fountain at home

how to make a water fountain at home

how to make a water fountain at home

make a water fountain at home, Every owner of a private garden is trying to apply a variety of decorative items and items for his embellishments. You can do this by using totally different designs, but all have become more sought-after garden fountains, which can have any shape, size and features. Near this item, you can always relax, and enjoy the pleasant gurgling water, that is a very important and meaningful to people who reside in urban areas.

You can select several varieties of designs, but the most basic are stationary fountains and submersible. You can create yourself absolutely any design, if the right approach to this process.

Types of fountains

There are many different fountains, which differ in purpose and appearance.

There are even fountains for the home, which are installed in different rooms, and have small size and attractive views. Such bedroom products allow you to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in any room.

Submersible fountains usually are mounted in an artificial pond that exists on the site. The device works by using a pump that takes water from the pond. So this should be manned by the fountain pump and piping to leak water. Also necessarily need a special attachment to the device.

Stationary fountains are located anywhere on the site, as well as generally have appealing and unique appearance. Usually it is decorated with interesting sculptures that can portray a completely different subjects. Products are created using stone with excellent resistance to frost and other negative influences.

Fountains can be made in any style, as well as painted in a color so that they perfectly fit into any garden.

Where to build?

Initially, you should decide what type of fountain to be built, as well as where it will be located. It is best to choose a place that is the center of the garden, since then the design will be clearly visible from any point of the territory.

Fountains for garden look great in proximity to leisure areas, available on site, so pick a place for finding them is fairly simple.

Also an excellent solution are mini fountains that you can make and install himself, and in doing so they won’t take up too much space. They are distinguished by their small size, however, they must be installed in such a way that different plants or trees that do not like large amounts of water were far enough away.

Also a good option is the installation of a fountain in the middle of the pool or artificial pond, and in this case the data decorative elements will look very nice and interesting, but the water that will circulate in a product will fall into the pool or pond.

It is important to remember that moisture, which constantly present near the fountain should not fall on any furniture or plants, since they will stagnate or deteriorate rapidly from excess water. Mounting is performed most commonly Jet fountain, where water in the form of the Jet is directed upwards and down falls in the form of drops and splashes. Make this fountain is very simple, because its design is simple. It should be especially carefully to choose electrical equipment, which is equipped with a product because of its quality and efficiency depends on the reliability and durability of the whole structure.

Installation of the fountain on the plot

Many people are thinking about how to make a fountain, and the work is pretty easy. This can be done making all items individually or buy a ready-made design that is very easy to collect. In the first case, needs a lot of attention paid to the choice of containers, as well as the pump. Often created designs without the pump, however, this would mean that you will need to frequently change the water in the fountain with my own hands, leading to complex care.

If you intend to create a building fitted with a pump, it is necessary to select this element because of its power and height depends on the characteristics of water jet. Therefore, when choosing a device, you must consider the size of the Bowl so that the result is an attractive and interesting fountain. Pump connection is done using the mains wiring, and it is necessary to apply special protective boxes to the wire never got wet.

In addition to the proper and correct installation, as well as in addition to the desired connection equipment, you must also properly decorating design. To do this, you can use completely different finishing attractive materials. When selecting materials, it is necessary to focus on their own preferences and available funds. A great solution for any garden is a fountain, which is located in the Centre of the attractive and interesting sculpture.

Such fountains for garden will be unique and unrivaled, as well as will please its owners appealing views. Optionally, you can decorate different designs of various materials such as natural or artificial stone, tile or other suitable materials. If you set the fountain various treatment plants, it will circulate completely pure water, so you don’t have to worry about what kids want to drink some water from the fountain.

In winter time it is best to completely switch off the equipment and the drain all the water to the fountain is not destroyed during the intense cold. You can also hide the polyethylene to the dust or other contamination.

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