How clean wood furniture

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Wood furniture cleaning tips, and how to remove stains caused by moisture, grease, oil, etc.

Tips for cleaning wood furniture

To achieve a good cleaning of furniture large marketing products; do not lack with some techniques such as that we offer then you can stop shining wood.

5 tips for cleaning wood furniture

  1. waxed wooden furniture are kept clean and shiny to reviewing a cloth soaked in hot milk.
  2. to remove marks on wood furniture produced to pose a glass or a bottle, you should scrub with a cork stopper, and if stains have several days lurking in your furniture, try rubbing with cigarette ashes previously moistened and then reviewing with a cloth.
  3. If wooden kitchen furniture are dirty fat or oil, the essence of turpentine or turpentine removed stains that have been. This will also serve to remove wine, fruit or coffee on the wood.
  4. in the case of furniture with varnished wood that have lost luster, by effect of the Sun or moisture by applying a mixture of alcohol, linseed oil and lemon in equal parts we will achieve that they are as new.
  5. Finally, in all cases, it is important to finish the cleaning process smearing the furniture with beeswax.

How clean wood furniture

With these tricks to clean your wood furniture can wear them shining throughout the year.

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