How to remove stains from green and black tea

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Spots of tea on clothes often spoil the mood of the owner of the thing. It can be difficult to remove traces of your favorite drink. However, there are effective methods that help to combat trouble.

Green and black tea

Green tea is endowed with a less saturated hue than a black drink. However, green tea contains a large number of phenolic compounds that prevent excretion. It is difficult to remove a stain from any tea. The method of removing stains is suitable for traces from any drink.

Removal methods

In the case when the house was not a stain remover should not despair. To deduce traces of tea at home can be folk methods described below.

People’s funds

At home, you can remove stains from the tea drink, using improvised means.

Hydrogen peroxide

With light fabric, you can remove a stain from the tea with hydrogen peroxide. The product can be purchased in any pharmacy network. It is not acceptable to use this method on a colored product.

Soaked peroxide cotton swab is applied to the contaminated place for 20-30 minutes.

After a specified period of time, the cotton wool is removed, and the thing is forgiven in cool water.

If desired, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and washing. Components are mixed in equal quantities, and the resulting product is applied to stains. Leaving the thing with the applied liquid for 25 minutes, wash it after a specified period of time.

Washing alcohol

Tea divorce on white fabric can be removed with washing alcohol. This will require increed steps:

In 500 ml of water add 0.5 tsp alcohol.
Using a sponge, apply the composition to the contaminated area of clothing, before putting a napkin under the fabric.

If divorces are formed on the tissue after the procedure, you can get rid of them with 10% citric acid solution. After processing, the clothes should be washed in warm water.

Lemon acid

Lemon acid (1.5 tbsp) dissolves in 1200 ml of water. The stained tissue is soaked in the resulting solution for 12-15 hours. After that, the thing can be washed in the washing machine, adding a little powder.

In cases where there is no citric acid in the house, you can squeeze the juice from the fresh lemon.


You can eliminate stains from your favorite drink with warm glycerin and a small amount of salt. Using a napkin, apply the product to the contaminated area. After 40 minutes, the remnants of the mixture are washed off and the fabric is washed in cool water.

Food soda

The stained places should be wet. Traces of tea are covered with a large layer of soda. With the help of soft fabric it is necessary to gently rub the smeared area. Leave the clothes for 2-3 hours. After that, carefully rinse the material.

Household soap

Economic soap helps to fight against different types of spots. In order to cope with the stain from tea is recommended:

To wash the contaminated area with household soap. Experienced housewives recommend using a white bar!
With the help of soft fabric, rub the washing place and wash off the foam with running water.

Household soap effectively copes only with fresh traces of the drink.


Vinegar-soaked cotton pad is used to wipe the stained area until the stain disappears completely. An easy way to get rid of traces of both colored clothing and white. To prepare the composition you will need to mix with a glass of water 1.5 tbsp. table vinegar. After that, the spoiled clothes are soaked in water with washing powder for several hours.

Boiling water

In order to boil the water to remove traces of black or green tea, it is necessary to place the soiled cloth in the basin and pour plenty of stains with boiling water. After 10-15 minutes, you can load the thing into the washing machine and wash it with a little powder.

Javelic acid

An old drink stain can be destroyed with sorrel acid. This method will effectively clean the white cloth. Colored underwear and synthetics quickly deteriorate under the influence of acid.

In 250 ml of water we dilute 1 tbsp. sorrel acid.

Dipping a cotton swab into the liquid, impregnate stains and wash clothes in the typewriter.

Lactic acid

Cleaning natural silk from spilled tea is recommended with lactic acid. The product is connected to water in equal quantities. After 25 minutes, the cloth is rinsed in water with a little powder or detergent for utensils.


Getting rid of traces of tea on the colored tissue will help the solution of borax in glycerin. You can buy the product in any pharmacy network.

We breed a drill with clean water in a 1:1 proportion.

Soaking the sponge in the resulting solution wipe the stains from the extreme parts to the center.

The procedure is repeated until the traces of the drink disappear. If there is a yellowish hue on the fabric, it is best to further treat the area with a mixture of salt and citric acid.
After 10-20 minutes, clothes can be washed using household soap.

Household chemistry

People who spend all their free time at work, strive for a quick way to get rid of stains on clothes. People’s methods, in their opinion, are tedious and ineffective. A great way to solve the problem will be the use of household chemicals.


Chlorine effectively cleans white things from traces of drinks. The procedure will require the purchase of an ordinary stain remover. Colored things will spoil the chlorine. This method of cleaning is not exactly suitable for cleaning a bright blouse or jacket. It is unacceptable to use chlorinated products on synthetic material.

Chlorinated household chemicals will save only flax and cotton fabrics. Such material is able to tolerate the aggressive effects of chlorine and retain the original shade. When using the tools, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.


Bleachers like Wanish or Amvey can effectively cope with pollution. When choosing household chemistry, you should pay attention to the color of clothing for which it is intended. Budget options contain chlorine in their composition, which contributes to the appearance of unpleasant aroma and increased risk of damage to the product.

Washing powder

Washing powder will effectively eliminate only fresh stains. It is necessary to fill with powder stain and fill with water. Soaking lasts about 50 minutes. After that, the clothes are rinsed.

Stain remover

Experts advise to choose a good quality product that effectively cleans clothes from stains. You can buy a stain remover, both in liquid and solid form. A solid stain remover is much more effective than a gel, so it can be used to clean old traces of tea.


For freshly spilled liquid on the fabric it is advisable to use hand washing. If you take action quickly, you can almost immediately remove the stain with detergent. Pouring into the basin of water, lower into it a dirty thing and wash the stained area with ordinary economic soap.

Machine wash

Also, as an emergency method to eliminate the problem, use washing in the machine machine. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the label of the affected thing and set the recommended temperature. Liquid washing powder delicately affects the fabric and promotes good digestion.

Dry cleaning

In cases when time is sorely lacking, it is worth using the services of dry cleaning. Professionals will be able to clean their favorite thing in a short period of time.

Fresh spots

Fresh traces of tea drink are removed without problems. The fabric is immediately removed and washed out under running water. The stained place is washed and thoroughly washed. You can also use a liquid for utensils. The area of clothing on which the tea is spilled is rubbed with liquid, and then washed in cool water. If desired, you can remove the clothes and for a day soak the product in a mixture of vinegar and water. Any stain can be removed to the fullest.

Old spots

In order to remove the old stains, more stringent methods will be required, one of which will be the use of sorrel acid. The presence of bleaching substances in the composition allows the use of acid only to clean white materials. When you need to wash a colored thing, you can hold it under steam and grate the stained place with vinegar or lemon juice, diluted with a little vodka.

How best to deduce

Below are the ways to quickly remove stains on each type of fabric. It is very important to observe the proportions of the compositions, so as not to spoil the thing.

On white clothes

To remove traces of tea on white clothes, experienced housewives use washing alcohol. Dipping the cotton pad into the wash, wipe the soiled areas. Alcohol helps to corraning dirt. Putting the wash, dissolve 5 g of citric acid in water. The disc is moisturized in the liquid and applied to the tissue that is treated with ammonia. The stain is removed from the wrong side. A paper towel is applied to the material.

On a T-shirt

You can wash your favorite t-shirt by a spot-on like Wanish. A popular remedy can be used for any kind of fabric. It is much more effective to wash clothes with fresh pollution.

On jeans

You can remove stains from jeans with vinegar and washing powder. To do this, 2 tbsp. vinegar is combined with washing powder. The tool is applied from the wrong side. The active process of exposure to the stains will begin in a couple of minutes. After that, the clothes are washed with washing powder.

On colored clothing

We breed in equal proportions the snr and glycerin. Carefully stirred composition is rubbed into the contaminated area. The composition allows you to get rid of dried light brown spots in a short period of time. If necessary, you can lightly warm up the glycerin.

On cotton

To wash cotton underwear from tea stains, you can use the folk remedy. The use of glycerin will give the opportunity to quickly save your favorite thing. Soak the spoiled clothes and keep it in the pelvis for 2-3 hours.

On the tablecloth

To remove old stains from tea on tablecloths should use a solution of sorrel acid and lemon juice. Components are combined in the same amount. Using a cotton swab dipped in liquid, it is recommended to remove the contamination. After that, the thing is erased in the machine machine machine.

On the towel

To wash the traces of tea on a towel, you can use glycerin. Mix glycerin and table salt in equal quantities. The resulting composition is applied to the damaged fabric. It is important that the divorces from the tea drink become discolored. As soon as the tracks disappear you can wash the towel with the powder manually.

On the carpet

The stain of tea from the carpet is simple. Soaked in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar sponge wet traces. Expect 20-40 minutes and rinse the treated place with plain cool water. The carpet is dried with a dry cloth, which wets the floor.

On the couch

First of all, we prepare a solution of glycerin and water. The foam sponge is wetted in the resulting mixture. The contaminated places are wiped with a sponge.

With paper

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove tea from the paper.

Mix 1.5 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide with the same amount of boiled water. Divorces from tea are washed with a prepared solution and wiped with a mixture of calcium hydroxide and pure water. The paper is thoroughly dried with a dry cloth.

Delicate fabrics

Delicate fabric can be cleaned with heated glycerin. A foam sponge soaked in a water solution of glycerin is used to wipe traces of a tea drink. The remedy effectively fights fresh divorces.

If the thing can’t be washed

Mix the water with the washing alcohol and moisten the cotton pad in the solution. A small piece of cotton wool wipes all traces from your favorite drink to their complete disappearance.

Useful tips

Useful tips will help to cope with old stains and restore the appearance of clothing.

When mashing tea spots, it is necessary to adhere to the movement from the extreme parts to the center. This will minimize the risk of divorce.

Before using any method, try the tool on a small part of the material to check compatibility.

White things can be saved with the help of a supra, which is stained with blonde curls. Having made a weak mixture, apply it to a contaminated area of the product. After 20 minutes we wash the thing and see the complete disappearance of the dark outlines.

Any old spot can be removed. However, it is very important to act with extreme caution, so as not to spoil the fabric. In order to minimize the risk of material damage, it is important to check the compatibility of the product with the traditional remedy or household chemicals. In the most severe cases, it is better to go to the dry cleaners for help.

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