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Heating system cottage – Everyone will agree with the statement that there is nothing more comfortable than a warm and cozy home. And after a hard day , there is nothing more pleasant to return to your warm house . And in order to create a ” home ” should be very careful approach to the design and construction of heating systems. It’s no wonder the heating system is considered very important engineering system. For a long time the only way to fire heating was considered . The heated air is carried through all the rooms , thus giving warmth . Today water is also cooled . Conducted experiments and found that in the heat of the air four times less, and that means that require less water .

What are the ways of heating ? What are their advantages ? What features of the installation ? Consider these questions in order.
If you do not know what is in the heating system , it will be impossible to choose it and install.

At the heart of the heating system boiler be that distributes heated coolant, antifreeze or whether the water through the pipes , and gives off heat through radiators . Heating system also has an expansion tank , radiator, pump , fittings , thermostats and air valves . During design , consider where you can make niches and cavities to accommodate distribution manifolds and technological holes in the wall and floor . This would solve two problems at once : access to the system and aesthetic design of the interior.

Heating systems differ :

1. coolants , either water or antifreeze ;

2 . coolant circulation methods :
– Natural circulation when the water is moving through the pipes under pressure gives off heat circulation . Such a system is adequately heated floor area up to 100 square meters, only under the condition that will be used more pipe section , which is very costly . But this system has its cons : Battery can not be set regulators , which could lead to freezing pipes.
– With artificial circulation , circulation pump and built with the help of heated coolant moves through the pipes . Compensates some disadvantages with natural circulation system , and increases the service life of the boiler .

3 . types of tank :
– Open expansion tank:
– Closed diaphragm tank .

Drawings of the heating system .

collector . In a cabinet on each floor have collectors from which the pipes are to radiators. So it is possible to regulate the system and installation specials. motors that maintain the desired temperature in the house.

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